Swiss Prealps

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Swiss Prealps
French: Préalpes Suisses
Piz Gloria.jpg
The top of the Schilthorn
Highest point
Peak Schilthorn
Elevation 2,970 m (9,740 ft)
Coordinates 46°33′26″N 7°50′07″E / 46.55722°N 7.83528°E / 46.55722; 7.83528Coordinates: 46°33′26″N 7°50′07″E / 46.55722°N 7.83528°E / 46.55722; 7.83528
Country Switzerland
Borders on Savoy Prealps, Bernese Alps, Glarus Alps and Western Rhaetian Alps
Orogeny Alpine orogeny

The Swiss Prealps (Préalpes Suisses in French, Schweizerische Voralpen in German) are a mountain range in the north-western part of the Alps. Swiss Prealps are the northernmost section the Western Alps.


The Swiss Prealps concern several cantons; from south-west to north-east they are:

Their southwestern part belongs to the Rhone drainage basin while the northeastern one is drained by the Rhine.

Notable summits[edit]

The Dent de Brenleire, in the SW part of the range

Some notable summits of the range are:

Name metres feet
Schilthorn 2,970 9,744
Albristhorn 2,762 9,062
Dent de Brenleire 2,353 7,720
Le Tarent 2,548 8,360
Vanil Noir 2,389 7,838
Säntis 2,502 8,209
Rigi 1,797 5,896
Ruchstock 2,814 9,232

Notable passes[edit]

Kleine Scheidegg mountain pass

Some notable passes of the range are:

Name metres feet
Kleine Scheidegg 2,061 6,792
Grosse Scheidegg 1,961 6,434
Col de la Croix 1,778 5,833
Pragel Pass 1,548 5,079
Col du Pillon 1,546 5,072
Jaunpass 1,509 4,951
Saanenmöser Pass 1,279 4,196
Col des Mosses 1,916 6,286
Schwägalp Pass 1,278 4,193
Wildhaus Pass 1,090 3,576
Brünig Pass 1,008 3,037