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Origin Kalenborn,_Ahrweiler, Eifel
50°33′16.25″N 6°59′9″E / 50.5545139°N 6.98583°E / 50.5545139; 6.98583
Mouth Erft near Erftstadt-Bliesheim
50°46′31.72″N 6°49′56.37″E / 50.7754778°N 6.8323250°E / 50.7754778; 6.8323250Coordinates: 50°46′31.72″N 6°49′56.37″E / 50.7754778°N 6.8323250°E / 50.7754778; 6.8323250
Basin countries Germany
Length 43,6 km

The Swist is a brook in North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. It rises in Rhineland-Palatinate at the Eifel on 330 m sealevel. The brook is 43,6 km long, and joins the Erft at the mouth in North Rhine-Westphalia. It flows through the municipality Swisttal, the town Meckenheim and Flerzheim, a local part of the town Rheinbach. In this area are many cycle paths at the edge of the brook. The Swist gave its name to the municipality of Swisttal and the town of Weilerswist. The source area is situated at the northern edge of the Eifel. The Swist is considered the longest brook run of Europe.

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