Switzerland in the Eurovision Song Contest 2004

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Eurovision Song Contest 2004
Country   Switzerland
National selection
Selection process Concours Eurovision 2004
Selection date(s) 6 March 2004
Selected entrant Piero Esteriore
& Music Stars
Selected song "Celebrate"
Finals performance
Semi-final result Failed to qualify (22nd, 0 points)
Switzerland in the Eurovision Song Contest
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Switzerland was represented by Piero Esteriore and Music Stars and the song "Celebrate".

Concours Eurovision 2004[edit]

The Swiss National Final held on March 6, 2004, hosted by Jean-Marc Richard. Each of three language televisions in Switzerland (German SFDRS, Italian RTSI, and French TSR) each sent in four participates. A total of twelve participants participated in the national final. The winner was chosen through two rounds of regional televote. In round one all entries participated, in round two only chosen six from round one.

Draw Title English transmission Performer Round One Round Two Placing
1 Fly away Fly away Tiffen 17 - 7 =
2 Sicuramente uomini Men for sure Mauro Sabbioni 16 - 9
3 Something new Something new Carmen Fenk - 26 5
4 Je rêve d'un monde I dream of a world Lorenzo Marra 14 - 10
5 The ghost of you The ghost of you Daniela Brun 17 - 7 =
6 L'île de lumière The island of light Fanny 13 - 11
7 By your side By your side Mario Pacchioli - 36 2
8 Heb ab Take off Irina 10 - 12
9 You are pretty You are pretty A-live - 27 4
10 Dove nascono gli amori Where love affairs are born Antonella Lafortezza - 24 6
11 Le monde danse The world dances Caroline Agostinio - 29 3
12 Celebrate Celebrate Piero Esteriore & The MusicStars - 38 1

At Eurovision, the singer had a very subtle performance with simple choreography.The song finished last with no points at the semifinals.