Switzerland women's national basketball team

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FIBA zone FIBA Europe
Coach Milenko Tomic (Head Coach), Mark Burger (Assistant), Daniel Frey (Assistant)
Olympic Games
Appearances None
Medals None
Women's World Cup
Appearances 1
Medals None
European Championship for Women
Appearances 4
Medals None
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Light jersey
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Team colours
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Dark jersey
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Team colours

The Swiss women's national basketball team represents Switzerland in international basketball competitions for women.

Switzerland was one of the five founding members of the Eurosbaket in 1938, losing all four matches. In 1953 it also took part in the World Championship's inaugural edition. However, the 1956 Eurobasket marked its last appearance in a final stage to date.[1]

In the 2013 Eurobasket's qualification stage Switzerland will face Poland, Montenegro, Serbia and Estonia.[2]

Current Roster[edit]

Height Player Club
1.87 Lise Lavanchy Switzerland LU-Town Highflyers
1.85 Rosalie Grobet Switzerland Bernex
1.84 Sevrine Chauvin France Saint-Étienne
1.83 Kati Clément Switzerland Sierre
1.83 Anny Kassongo United States Seattle Redhawks
1.81 Fanny Delacrétaz Switzerland Bernex
1.80 Marielle Giroud United States Franklin Pierce University
1.80 Karen Twehues Italy Geas
1.79 Delphine Monnier Switzerland Elfic Fribourg
1.78 Judit Jakab Switzerland Riva
1.76 Marjana Milenkovic Switzerland Elfic Fribourg
1.76 Eva Moldovanyi Switzerland Uni Basel
1.75 Jalinka Michaux Switzerland Sierre
1.75 Alexia Rol France Limoges
1.73 Lara Thalmann Switzerland Elfic Fribourg
1.73 Caroline Turin Switzerland Sierre
1.71 Marisa Heckendorn Switzerland Uni Basel
1.70 Vanessa Dorestant Switzerland LU-Town Highflyers
1.68 Elisa Morandi Switzerland Sierre
1.66 Bettina Müller Switzerland Elfic Fribourg
1.63 Dorothée Studer Switzerland Bernex
1.63 Lia Volpe Switzerland Sierre