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Swordfish Translation Editor
Stable release 3.2-0 / June 27, 2014; 9 months ago (2014-06-27)
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Computer-assisted translation
License Commercial
Website www.maxprograms.com

Swordfish Translation Editor is a Computer-assisted translation software.


It works with the XLIFF standard, after having extracted texts from a variety of file format.[1] [2]It stores translation memory in an internal database and can export it in the standard TMX format; import is also possible.[3] A server, RemoteTM, can be used instead of the internal database if sharing is needed.

It supports the following localization industry standards:

Supported File Formats - MS Office 2000-2003:

Supported File Formats - MS Office 2007:

  • DOCX
  • XLSX
  • PPTX

Supported File Formats - MS Office 2010:

  • DOCX
  • XLSX
  • PPTX

Supported File Formats - Open Office:

  • ODT
  • ODS
  • ODP

Supported File Formats - Web Files:

  • HTML
  • XML
  • RESX

Supported File Formats - Text:

  • TXT
  • CSV
  • TAB

Supported File Formats - Desktop Publishing:

  • MIF (FrameMaker)
  • XML (FrameMaker)
  • INX (InDesign)
  • IDML (InDesign)

Supported File Formats - Graphical Applications:

  • SVG (Photoshop)
  • SVG (Illustrator)
  • SVG (CorelDraw)

Supported File Formats - Source Code and Binary Files:

  • RC
  • Java: properties
  • ResX

Supported File Formats - other:

  • DITA maps

Open API: Yes Has a command line interface for using main features in batch mode.

Source: TAUS Tracker, http://www.taustracker.com/54/92-swordfish-translation-editor

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