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SyMon Bootmanager
Developer(s) Vladimir Dashevsky
Stable release R3.23.02 September 25, 2008; 5 years ago (2008-09-25)
Operating system Standalone bootable program
Type Utility
License freeware

SyMon Bootmanager is a light-weighted partitions and bootmanager. It is developed wholly in the Assembler code and thus needs very little space for its installation. This software makes it possible to create up to 36 partitions on one single hard drive and up to 20 operating systems can be organized on these partitions.[1] Despite its small size the bootmanager has a pseudo graphical interface and it is equipped with many powerful features.

Some of its features make it unique among other bootmanagers:

  • High flexibility: the bootmanager can boot every operating system which can be booted by the Initial Program Load.
  • Recovery function: a sequential scan of the hard drive finds lost partitions.
  • Extensive on-line documentation.
  • No extra partition is required for the bootmanager: this utility is usually installed into Track 0 of the hard drive. In case there is a conflict with another software an optional installation into Track 1 is possible.
  • Built-in Disk editor.[2]
  • Built-in Security Service.
  • Open plug-in API: extends the basis functionality by plug-ins.

The utility was developed by Vladimir Dashevsky and it is free. The current version is R3.23.02.


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