Sycamore School

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Sycamore School
1750 West 64th Street
Indianapolis, Indiana 46260
School type Private Gifted Education
Founded 1985
Head of School Diane Borgmann
Grades EC - 8th
Enrollment 405 (September, 2012)
Language English
Color(s) Red and Blue
Team name Sycamore Eagles

Sycamore School is a private independent school in Indianapolis, Indiana, United States for academically gifted children. It was founded in 1985.[1] Since then, with an original graduating class size of four, Sycamore regularly graduates over 35 eighth graders every year.

Sycamore is one of few schools in the nation, and the only private school in the state of Indiana, where all academics and activities are designed for gifted kids preschool through eighth grade.[2]

Academic Competitions[edit]

In 2012, Sycamore 8th grader Chad Quan placed first in the Mathcounts national competition.

In 2012, 2008 Sycamore graduate Youkow Homma was named Indiana's Mr. Math, an honor for being the top math student in the state, given to the Carmel High School senior by Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels.[3] Youkow went on to attend Yale University where he is studying Economics.

In 2011, the Sycamore 2nd/3rd intermediate neurosurgeons club ranked 8th in the nation for keeping their body alive for 3 days post-procedure. The team ranked 2nd in the nation in 2012.

In 2010, the The Sycamore 7th/8th grade Knowledge Master Team ranked 1st out of 31 schools in Indiana, and 11th out of 700 schools internationally. Sycamore School is the reigning National Champions in the Small School Division.

In 2010, a group of Sycamore 8th graders competed in the annual State Spanish competition, or Concurso Academico, hosted by the Indiana chapter of the American Association of the Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese. Even though there was a middle school division at the competition, Sycamore students competed at the high school level, in all High School Level 2 events, testing their Spanish skills against high school sophomores and juniors. In the "Scrambled Sentences" event two students placed first; in "Vocabulary" one placed third; in "Non-Stop Conversation" two paired groups won 2nd and 4th places; and in "Impromptu Speaking" one placed third.

The Sycamore 5th/6th grade team competed in the spring 2010 Knowledge Masters Open contest, and Sycamore, ranked first in the state of Indiana, finished third in the nation out of 368 schools, including some schools in Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, and Korea. Sycamore's team was only three points behind the first place team from a middle school with a student body of 1300 students. In the Winter 2010 contest, Sycamore placed first in the state of Indiana, 3rd in the nation overall and first in the nation for the Small School Division.

In 2008, The Sycamore 7/8 Knowledge Master team earned the national championship title of the Small School Division in this year's Knowledge Master's fall competition. The team scored of 1553 out of 2000 possible points, ranking them 1st out of 27 schools in Indiana and 14th out of 700 schools internationally.[4]

At the Mathcounts 2007 event, the four person Indiana MathCounts team included two Sycamore students, Richard N. and Lyndon J., and came in 2nd place in the nation out of 97 teams.[5] Texas took first place.



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