Sychrov (Liberec District)

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Sychrov (German: Sichrow) is a village in Liberec Region of the Czech Republic. It has around 180 inhabitants.

Villages Radostín, Sedlejovice, Třtí and Vrchovina are administrative parts of Sychrov.


First written mention of Sychrov (under name Svojkov) is from 1367. In 17th century the village disappeared and in its place small baroque castle Sychrov has been constructed (the new name is derived from windy cold). Newly built village nearby got its name after the castle. The Sychrov Castle was later reconstructed and expanded. School was built here in 1885.

Sychrov today[edit]

Most of inhabitants work in agriculture. Grammar school, post office and sanatorium for children is here. Village is connected by high capacity road and by railway with nearby cities Turnov and Liberec. The castle is place of many cultural activities, attracting visitors.

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Coordinates: 50°37′33″N 15°05′22″E / 50.62583°N 15.08944°E / 50.62583; 15.08944