Sydenham School

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Sydenham School
Motto Aim high
Established 1917
Type Community School
Headteacher Ms C Unsted
Location Dartmouth Road
Greater London
SE26 4RD
Local authority Lewisham
DfE URN 100741 Tables
Ofsted Reports
Students 1462
Gender Girls
Website Sydenham School

Sydenham School (known as Sydenham Girls by locals) is a comprehensive girls' school located on Dartmouth Road (A2216) in Sydenham, London.


The school was founded in 1917 as a girls' grammar school, known as Sydenham County Grammar School for Girls . London County Council commissioned Basil Spence & Partners, in the early 1950s, to design additional accommodation to allow the school to increase capacity from 600 to 1140 students and to merge with Shackleton School to become a comprehensive school. This took place in 1956 on completion of the new six-storey, E-shaped, classroom block, on which work had begun in 1954. The official opening ceremony took place on 28 February 1957.[1] In 2003 Sydenham School was granted Specialist Science College status and in 2008 it was granted specialis in Mathematics by the DfES. Sydenham School has close ties to Forest Hill School a nearby boys' comprehensive school.

Form system[edit]

In each year there are 9 tutor groups, each beginning with the year number they are in e.g. 7 with the letters S,Y,D,E,N,H,A,M,G attached to each form. In years ten and eleven the forms are mixed during lessons intermingling students from the different tutor groups for lessons. Every year, the set groups of S,Y and D, E,N and H and A,M and G share the same Modern Foreign Language. The tutor groups SYD learn French, ENH learn Spanish and AMG learn German. However, Not as many pupils as previous years applied-so the students who joined in 2010 and 2009 have only the tutor groups S,Y,D,E,N,H,A,M. Also, in 2010, the students who had joined in 2009 had their classess re-organised, so that only tutor groups S,Y,D,E,N,H,A,M remained, as there were few pupils and problems in one particular tutor group.


In Key Stage 3 (years 7 and 8) students wear blue shirts, and in the first year of key stage 4(year 9-the school has a two year key stage 3), while in the second and third years of Key Stage 4 (years 10 and 11) wear white shirts. Because of this difference, there exists the nicknames 'White Shirts' and 'Blue Shirts' to distinguish the students' years. The sixth form (a mix of Forest Hill Boys school and Sydenham school since 2010) are not required to wear any uniform.


The current headmistress is Ms Carolyn Unsted. It has always been a girls' school. Forest Hill Pools and Forest Hill library is next door.

Academic performance[edit]

In the last OFSTED inspection, Sydenham School was graded as 'good with outstanding features '. It gets GCSEs and A levels above the England average.(64%)



Curriculum Leader: Clare Williams Dawn Craig Hannah Bornstein Helen Haines Janet Emmanuel David Frost, Rhys Pritchard Jacqueline Reid Sabrina James Marsha Garrick Maria Welby


Geography Curriculum Leader: Simon Glendinning Staff: Benazir Hassan , Estelle Dickinson

History Curriculum Leader: Stacey Meaney Staff: Josephine Carr, Erika Podmore, Stuart Pickford.


Curriculum Leader: Daniel Watson Staff: Johan Viljoen, Kalvinder Bajwa, Amy Vickers, Fiona Evans, Sandy Callacher, Johanna Kambuka, Abimbola Bakare, Stephen Cope, Simon Faulkner, Phillipa Gaut, Andre Lewis, Matthew Rees, Tim Shepherd, Keith Matheson-McGloughlin, Andrew Davids.


Curriculum leader: Mark Freakes Staff: Temitope Dosunmu, William Akaje - Macauley, Stuart Hodgson, Anna Mastihi, Wendy Smith , Wendy Smith, Amanda Bown, Amanda Bown, Aldrica Smart.

Notable former pupils[edit]

Sydenham County Grammar School for Girls[edit]

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