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Sydney Grade Cricket is a cricket competition played in Sydney, Australia. The competition began in 1893 when a number of clubs, which had been playing for many years on an ad hoc basis, voted to create a formal competition structure.[1]

This competition has grown substantially and by the 2011/12 season, the Sydney Grade Cricket Competition encompassed 20 clubs. Each of the clubs fields a side in each of the five senior grades as well as a side in the Poidevin-Gray Shield and AW Green Shield junior competitions.


Clubs in the 2011–12 season of Sydney Grade Cricket were:

  • Hawkesbury Cricket Club – Nicknamed the Hawks. Inaugurated in 1985. Their home grounds of Owen Earle Oval and Bensons Lane Complex, which includes all 3 grade grounds, are among the best wickets in the Sydney Grade competition. The main oval has recently been upgraded with a new picket fence. Notable players: Stephen O'Keefe (NSW & Aust), Peter Forrest (NSW, QLD & Aust), John Hastings (Vic & Aust), Scott Henry (NSW), Anthony Kershler (NSW), and Shane Mott. Hawkesbury also produce regular members of NSW under-17 and 19 teams.
  • Manly Warringah District Cricket Club - Founded in 1878, Manly was a foundation club in the Sydney grade competition. The Waratahs have won the first grade title four times and in 2005–2006 won the club championship title. Recent players include NSW captain Stephen O'Keefe.
  • Northern District Cricket Club - Nicknamed the ND Rangers, Northern District is home to former Australian and NSW captain Mark Taylor, Chris Peebles, Brad Haddin, Harry Conway, Nathan Lyon, former Sri Lankan International All - Rounder Upul Chandana and former home of Australian vice-captain Adam Gilchrist for a season. Current club captain David Ball achieved a double hat-trick in the 2009/10 quarter final against Eastern Suburbs.
  • Penrith District Cricket Club - Like the local rugby league team, the Penrith Cricket Club are known as the Panthers. Penrith are currently under the guidance of John Benaud as their coach. Sri Lankan coach, Trevor Bayliss, played his Sydney Grade Cricket career at Penrith. Penrith won the 2008/2009 club championship. Patrick Cummins also plays for Penrith, being the first test player from Penrith for some decades.

Former clubs[edit]

Sydney's suburban sprawl over the past 120 years has seen the introduction of new outer-suburban clubs and the disappearance or mergers of some inner-city clubs. The most successful club no longer in the competition is Paddington which won nine first grade titles between 1894–95 and 1953-54. Other ex-clubs include Burwood, East Sydney, Glebe and Newtown. Petersham and Marrickville had each won a first grade title prior to merging to become Petersham-Marrickville. They won four titles as a merged outfit before merging again with Randwick, which had won seven titles, to become Randwick-Petersham.

Grade Cricket[edit]

The competition consists of 20 clubs who field one side in each of the five grades. In the 1st Grade competition, each side plays every other side over a total of 19 rounds. All other grades play only 15 rounds, thus missing out on playing 4 teams each season. The additional 4 rounds that are played by the 1st Grade sides are generally one day matches that take place on Sundays (won by Sydney University in 2010/2011).

The 2010-2011 season, for all grades, includes 10 two-day matches (generally played on two consecutive Saturdays), 4 one-day matches and 1 Twenty-20 match. The 1st Grade sides played an additional one-day match and 3 Twenty20 matches. The 1st Grade Draw can be found here [4] and the 2nd Grade draw, which is identical to the 3rd, 4th and 5th Grade draws, can be found here [5].

The final series generally consists of Qualifying Finals, Semi-Finals and a Final. These matches are played over two days, with the First Grade Final being played over three days. In the Qualifying Finals, the 1st placed team plays the 6th placed team, 2nd plays 5th and 3rd plays 4th. The three winning teams (or better placed team in the case of a draw) and the best placed losing team go through to the Semi-Finals.

Points are allocated to the teams according to the results of each match. These points go towards the Club Championship which is awarded at the end of the regular season.

All of the current NSW first-class cricket players are selected from their performances in Grade Cricket. This includes those players who also represent Australia although the demands of the international schedule means the Australian players rarely get to play at grade level these days.

First Grade Premiers[edit]

  • 2013/2014 Sydney University
  • 2012/2013 St George
  • 2011/2012 Sydney University[6]
  • 2010/2011 Sydney University[7]
  • 2009/2010 St George
  • 2008/2009 St George
  • 2007/2008 St George
  • 2006/2007 Bankstown
  • 2005/2006 Fairfield-Liverpool
  • 2004/2005 Sydney University
  • 2003/2004 Eastern Suburbs
  • 2002/2003 Sydney University
  • 2001/2002 Fairfield-Liverpool

Poidevin-Gray Shield[edit]

The Poidevin-Gray Shield, or PG's as it is more commonly known, comprises teams who represent their grade sides in an Under 21 competition. All points received in this competition go towards the Club Championship. Parramatta defeated Hawkesbury in the 2012/13 grand final.

A W Green Shield[edit]

The A W Green Shield, or Greenies as it is more commonly known, comprises teams who represent their grade sides in an Under 16 competition consisting of 7 preliminary rounds, qualifying finals, semi-finals and a Final.

Many of NSW's top cricketers have come through this prestigious competition. All points received in this competition go towards the Club Championship.

Club Championship[edit]

Allocation of Points According to Results

Aggregate of Certain Multiples of Points for Club Championship

Randwick Petersham won the title in 2010/2011.

See also[edit]

Club Championship 2012/13

1. St George 1410.00 2. Bankstown 1303.00 3. Sutherland 1230.00 4. Sydney 1178.00 5. North Sydney 1165.00 6. Parramatta 1136.00 7. UNSW 1134.00 8. Gordon 1130.00 9. Randwick Petersham 1101.00 10. Sydney University 1027.00 11. Blacktown 998.00 12. Northern District 989.00 13. Fairfield-Liverpool 904.00 14. Campbelltown-Camden 854.00 15. Penrith 842.00 16. Western Suburbs 838.00 17. Hawkesbury 835.00 18. Manly-Warringah 816.00 19. Eastern Suburbs 598.00 20. Mosman 474.00


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