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Sylwester Bednarek (born 28 April 1989) is a Polish high jumper.

He was born in Głowno. His best achievement so far is the bronze medal at the 2009 World Championships in Berlin. He also finished fourth at the 2005 World Youth Championships and the 2006 World Junior Championships, finished sixth at the 2007 European Junior Championships and won the silver medal at the 2008 World Junior Championships. He also competed at the 2009 European Indoor Championships without reaching the final.[1] He underwent knee surgery due to an injury in 2010 and returned to competition. He was tenth at the 2010 European Athletics Championships but pain persisted in his knee into the 2011 season and he decided to undergo further surgery with an eye on being in his best shape for the 2012 London Olympics.[2]

His personal best jump is 2.32 metres, achieved in August 2009 in Berlin at the World Championships. He has achieved 2.30 metres indoors, a mark set in February 2009 in Łódź.[1]

For his sport achievements, he received:
Golden Cross of Merit Golden Cross of Merit in 2009.[3]

Personal bests[edit]

  • Outdoor: 2.32 m(2009)
  • Indoor: 2.30 m(2009)


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