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Type Student Run Annual Cultural Festival
Genre Culfest
Founded 2009
Place Pune, India
Institute Symbiosis Law School

Symbhav is the annual culfest of Symbiosis Law School, Pune. It is a three-day long event held towards the latter half of February every year. It attracts more than 5000 students each year from all across India as well as other countries. The fest started in the year 2009 and has seen a very successful second edition since.[1]


Symbhav was first held in the year 2009,[2][3] with a participation index of about 75 colleges, 4 international and 10 national universities. 2010, however, saw an increased number of students attending the fest. Attractive cash prizes, a plethora of interesting events and celebrity guests ensured that Symbhav, 2010 was a success. The fest has also played host to celebrities such as Gul Panag in 2010.[4]


From the very beginning, Symbhav has been successful in playing host to renowned musical artistes and bands. Pronights, or the nights when these artistes perform, have been a major factor in attracting students to be a part of the fest. Bands that have performed at Symbhav include the contemporary fusion music band Indian Ocean in 2009 and the rock and roll band Parikrama in 2010.[5] For the upcoming edition, Symbhav'11, it has been confirmed that the Indian band Junkyard Groove are slated to play along with two other, as yet unconfirmed bands.



Symbhav features a wide variety of events ranging from quizzes, debates, legal events to sports, theatre, music and fine arts events.


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