Symphony No. 14 (Mozart)

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Symphony No. 14 in A major, K. 114, is a symphony composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart on December 30, 1771, when Mozart was fifteen years old, and a fortnight after the death of the Archbishop Sigismund von Schrattenbach.[1]


The symphony is scored for two flutes, two oboes, two horns and strings.

\relative c'' {
  \tempo "Allegro moderato"
  \key a \major
  \time 2/2
  a4\p e2 cis'8( a) |
  b4 e,2 d'8( b) |
  cis2 \appoggiatura e8 d4 \appoggiatura cis8 b4 |
  a2( gis4) r |
  a4 e' \appoggiatura d8 cis4 b8( a) |

It has four movements:

  1. Allegro moderato, 2/2
  2. Andante, 3/4
  3. Menuetto; Trio, 3/4
  4. Molto allegro, 2/4


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