Symphony No. 3 (Toch)

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Symphony No. 3, Op. 75 (1955) is Ernst Toch's (1887—1964) third of seven symphonies. He was awarded the 1956 Pulitzer Prize for Music for the piece.[1] Premiered December 2, 1955 by the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra conducted by William Steinberg, it was commissioned by the American Jewish Tercentenary Committee of Chicago.[2][3]

The orchestration includes a "hisser", a carbon dioxide tank that makes a hissing noise, whose use is optional.[3] His first three symphonies were inspired by his need to flee Nazi Germany and move to America.[3]

Selecting the piece the jury wrote: "one of his finest works, of sure craftsmanship, contemporary in feeling, without self-conscious striving for the new and the original, beautiful and brilliant in orchestral sound."[4]


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