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Synæsthesia is an incarnation of Front Line Assembly (FLA) members Bill Leeb and Rhys Fulber.[1]

The side-project is one of several including: Pro>Tech, Equinox, Intermix, and Delerium in addition to FLA[citation needed]. Synæsthesia is probably the most strictly ambient of all these groups. The music consists almost entirely of long minimalist instrumental stretches[citation needed]. Its closest comparison to other Leeb/Fulber projects would likely be Future Primitives by Intermix, or Spiritual Archives or Stone Tower by Delerium[citation needed]. Stylistically this incarnation appears to be a continuation of the Delerium sound from these albums, as Delerium itself became more dancy and incorporated vocals[citation needed]. The monks chanting in catacombs remained with Delerium, but most of that group's ambiance seems to have moved into Synæsthesia[citation needed].

Due to contractual entanglements Leeb and Fulber were not originally able to admit they were behind the music.[citation needed] The first two albums list them as producers and credit the music to 'R. Deckard'[citation needed], (an allusion to the main character in the film Blade Runner). By their third album Leeb was credited with the music. Fulber, who had recently left to pursue solo projects, was credited with programming.[citation needed]


  • Embody (1995)
  • Desideratum (1995)
  • Ephemeral (1997)
  • The Collection (2001)


  1. ^ Keyboard - Volume 24 1998- Page 136 "SYNAESTHESIA EPHEMERAL One of the many side projects of Bill Leeband Rhys Fulber (a.k.a. Front Line Assembly), Synaesthesia explores dark tribal ambient sounds, composers have a flair for cinematic electronica, and favor epic pieces that unfold slowly. "