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Sync (or Syn as he is sometimes called) is a street artist, operating out of Melbourne, Australia.


At the start of Sync's career he was heavily into doing sticker art. He started doing stencils in 1996 in Adelaide but only to help himself mass-produce stickers.

In Adelaide, Sync worked for some years as a bike courier, so he knew all the back-alleys and side streets. All he did for a period of some years in 1998 was to create stickers and take them out to the streets.

In Melbourne, he is just as driven. Although he had been producing street art for a number of years, it wasn't until 2003 that Sync started making multi-layered stencils.

He is a member of the Everfresh Studio.[1][2]

Sync and the rest of the Everfresh Studio painted a large mural on a wall in Fitzroy from February 2009 to September 2009. The mural is on the wall of the Nightcat bar, and brands the suburb with "Welcome to Sunny Fitzroy, Everfresh".[3]

Sync is featured in The Everfresh Black Book published by Miegunyah Press, released August 2010.[4]

Sync and his work appear in the documentary film Rash (2005), Australia's first feature documentary film on street art and graffiti. The film explores the cultural value of street art and graffiti in Australia.

Sync was included in "Space Invaders" an exhibition of renowned and respected Australian street artists, which showed at the National Gallery of Australia. The works are from the NGA's own collection and toured nationally over the following two years.[5][6]

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