Synchronized swimming at the 1984 Summer Olympics – Women's solo

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Women's solo
at the Games of the XXIII Olympiad
Gold medal    United States
Silver medal    Canada
Bronze medal    Japan
Synchro. swimming at the
1984 Summer Olympics
Synchronized swimming pictogram.svg
Solo   women
Duet women

Women's Solo was one of two events in the Synchronized swimming at the 1984 Summer Olympics program at the 1984 Summer Olympics. The final was held August 12, 1984. To qualify for the final, the swimmers had to compete in a figures competition. Only one swimmer from each country was allowed to perform their prepared solo routines. A total of seventeen swimmers qualified to compete in the solo competition.


Rank Athlete Total
Gold medal icon.svg  Tracie Ruiz (USA) 198.467
Silver medal icon.svg  Carolyn Waldo (CAN) 195.300
Bronze medal icon.svg  Miwako Motoyoshi (JPN) 187.050
4  Marijke Engelen (NED) 182.632
5  Gudrun Hanisch (FRG) 182.017
6  Caroline Holmyard (GBR) 182.000
7  Muriel Hermine (FRA) 180.534
8  Karin Singer (SUI) 178.383
9  Ana Amicarella (VEN) 173.700
10  Alexandra Worisch (AUT) 173.383
11  Chemene Sinson (BAR) 167.184
12  Donella Burridge (AUS) 166.283
13  Paula Carvalho (BRA) 165.700
14  Antonella Terenzi (ITA) 165.033
15  Patricia Serneels (BEL) 160.666
16  Dahlia Mokbel (EGY) 155.767
17  Rosa Costa (ESP) 149.833