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Ipsos Business Consulting
Type Business practice
Industry Market Intelligence and Growth Consulting
Founded 1994 as AMI Consulting
Headquarters Paris
Key people Peter Snell, CEO
Services Management Consulting, Market Intelligence, Growth Strategy Consulting
Revenue 1,140.8 million euros(2010)[1]
Employees 16,000+

Ipsos Business Consulting (IBC) is one of several boutique global business consulting firms with special focus on market analysis. It is a division of Ipsos which is the third largest research company in the world, present in 84 countries. Ipsos Business Consulting does not have a Head Office, but its CEO is based in Hong Kong. IBC has a presence in locations such as the USA, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates and Australia, but most of its offices are located in Asia. Ipsos does not provide the mainstream consulting services typically found in large global consulting firms. It specialises in market intelligence and growth consulting, with the services falling into three key categories - market analysis, competitive analysis and growth strategy. They also provide a partner evaluation service that is akin to the Head Hunting service for Executive Search.[2]

History and origin[edit]

Ipsos Business Consulting started out in the early 1990s as part of Asia Market Intelligence (AMI). AMI was subsequently acquired by Aegis Group a media and market research group founded by Peter Scott in 1989 as a separate company based the original WCRS Group media buying division which itself was centred on the French media business Carat. It is headquartered in London and listed on the London Stock Exchange. Other Aegis Group businesses included Carat, Vizeum, MMA and Posterscope.

In 2003 Aegis Group consolidated all its market research activities under the brand name 'Synovate'. AMI Consulting then became Synovate Business Consulting.[3] In 2011, Ipsos purchased the Synovate business from Aegis Group, creating the third largest research company. At the start of 2012, Synovate Business Consulting started to trade as Ipsos Business Consulting, reflecting the new ownership.

Sectors and services[edit]

IBC provides market intelligence and growth strategy consulting services in a wide range of sectors. Ipsos Business Consulting covers sectors like automotive, banking, finance & insurance, energy & mining, petrochemicals & chemicals, retail & consumer goods, food, agribusiness & animal health, government & non-profit, healthcare, industrial equipment, info-communications technology, media & entertainment, professional services and travel & logistics.[4]

The basket of services offered by IBC are regional consulting on market entry strategies , competitive and customer intelligence, business sizing, partner evaluation, product launch strategies, quantitative modeling, technology forecasting & management, investment feasibility, distribution channel analysis, pricing analysis, location analysis and business plan generation.

Special methodologies[edit]

Having conducted over 3500 engagements related to market intelligence and growth strategy consulting, IBC has a suite of offerings / methodologies / tools such as the 'Partner Compass'. This is a systematic approach to conduct a business diligence on a potential partner. This would include an acquisition target, a joint venture partner, channel partner etc. Similarly another methodology of theirs was the 'Your Path to Growth'. This is s systematic set of modules to evaluate and enter a market. zen


IBC has worked with clients across the globe in a variety of sectors. They have completed over 3,500 client engagements since 1994.[5] A brief list of the international and local clients –


Honda, Hyundai, Bosch, Michelin

Banking, Finance & Insurance

AXA, Visa, Standard Chartered, HSBC

Petrochemicals & Chemicals

ExxonMobil, Shell, DuPont, Petronas

Retail & Consumer Goods

Carrefour, Nike, Bausch & Lomb, Philips

Food & Agribusiness

Danone, Heinz, Syngenta, Tetra Pak

Government & Non-profit

Hong Kong TDC, Singapore EDB, UNICEF, USDA


Pfizer, Olympus Medical Systems, Johnson & Johnson, GlaxoSmithKline

Industrial Equipment

3M, Caterpillar, Mitsubishi, Honeywell

Infocommunications Technology

Samsung, IBM, Fujitsu, Nokia

Media & Entertainment

Reed Elsevier, Reuters, Walt Disney, Discovery Channel

Professional Services

McCann WorldGroup, Messe Frankfurt, Saatchi & Saatchi, Jones Lang LaSalle

Travel & Logistics

DHL, FedEx, TNT, Hong Kong Airport Authority


The people working at IBC are typically candidates with an engineering or management background.Candidates with interest in international business, strategy, marketing, and economic issues and proven leadership potential, strong team orientation are preferred.[6] Lateral recruits come generally from the industry or from other consulting firms with experience in management consulting, business advisory, or commercial analysis.

Knowledge resources[edit]

Being in the business of consulting, IBC has access to a wide pool of secondary resources. There is a dedicated knowledge management team. The internal knowledge management system is accessible through a customized knowledge portal and is available to all the consultants worldwide. This gives them access to not only subscribed databases, but also the whole library of past projects, methodologies, models, templates, etc.


IBC labels itself 'Ipsos Business Consulting - Build * Compete * Grow'. Given the specialist nature of the consulting work undertaken, and the boutique nature of the service line, the firm seems quite right about their tag line.

  • Change Agent[8] – This magazine basically showcases how market research is driving change in the enterprise, the marketplace and society.


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