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Founded Saint Petersburg, Russia (March 2010)
Headquarters Saint Petersburg, Russia
Key people Kirill Gorynya, CEO and Co-founder; Filipp Shubin, COO and Co-founder

Simplate, Synqera Loyalty Printer,

Synqera Software Platform,

Synqera is a technology startup, providing a data-driven service for the personalization of b2c communications in retail. The company headquartered in 2010 in Saint Petersburg, Russia, and opened an office in New York, USA in 2013.


Founded in 2010 by Russian entrepreneur Kirill Gorynya and startup professional Filipp Shubin in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Launched its first product, Simplate device, in 2012 at the Cartes exhibition in Paris where it was nominated for the Sesames award in the e-transactions nomination.[1] In 2013 the Synqera solution was listed by Retail Info System News within the top-10 of Major New Technology Announcements at the NRF Big Show 2013.[2] A month later the solution was placed third in the Payment Innovator Startup Awards in Berlin. In March 2013 Synqera opened the branch in New York City.

In June 2013 Synqera announced a pilot project with retail chain Ulybka Radugi.[3]

Technology and products[edit]

The Synqera software platform uses retail Big data analysis for the generation of personalized product recommendations. It matches targeted messages with customer profiles, shopping history, real-time shopping environments (e.g., weather forecast, day of the week, etc.) and customer mood detected by facial recognition technology.[4]

The platform supports the delivery of special offers, coupons, loyalty program benefits and product promotions through multiple channels including in-store devices, mobile apps, sms, e-mail and customized website content. The content and campaign progress are managed via a web-based back-interface.

The solution also enables the evaluation of customer responses to viewed content and accumulates statistics of interaction.

Among the in-store devices utilizing the Synqera software platform are:

  • Simplate[5] – the proprietary NFC-enabled customer display with embedded touch-screen, camera and microphone. Visualizes targeted content in the customer checkout process.
  • Synqera Loyalty Generator – a compact printer with integrated touch-screen and card-reader delivering customized shopping lists, recipes and store maps at the store entrance. The hardware part is developed by Star Micronics.


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