Levantine Arabic Sign Language

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Levantine Arabic Sign Language
Native to Levant
Native speakers
(no estimate available)
Arab Sign Language family
  • Iraqi–Levantine?
    • Levantine Arabic Sign Language
Jordanian Sign Language (LIU)
Palestinian Sign Language
Syrian Sign Language
Lebanese Sign Language
Language codes
ISO 639-3 jos

Syro-Palestinian Sign Language is the deaf sign language of Jordan, Palestine, Syria, and Lebanon. Although there are significant differences in vocabulary between the four states, this is not much greater than regional differences within the states, their grammar is quite uniform, and mutual intelligibility is high, indicating that they are dialects of a single language (Hendriks 2008).

The language typically goes by the name of the country, as so:

  • Jordanian SL: لغة الإشارة الأردنية Lughat il-Ishaarah il-Urduniah (LIU)
  • Lebanese SL: لغة الإشارات اللبنانية Lughat al-Isharat al-Lubnaniya (LIL)
  • Palestinian SL: لغة الاشارات الفلسطينية
  • Syrian SL: (?)


  • Hendriks, Bernadet, 2008. Jordanian Sign Language: aspects of grammar from a cross-linguistic perspective (dissertation)[1]