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Syrup USA was a four-piece indie pop band from Boston, Massachusetts. They formed in 1993 and disbanded in 1998. The brainchild of lead singer and guitarist Seana Carmody (formerly of Swirlies), Syrup USA blended elements of 1960s pop with the bombastic panache of 1990s rock and splashed heavy helpings of synth-pop all around.

They released one progressive rock-influenced full-length album in 1997, on Flydaddy Records, entitled All Over The Land.[1] Prior to that, they had self-released two 7-inch singles and appeared on a number of compilations and live radio broadcasts.


  • Seana Carmody - vocals, guitar
  • Matt Fein - organ, synths, guitar
  • Orrin Anderson - drums, synths
  • Sam Mallery - bass, vocals


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