System's Twilight

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System's Twilight
Screenshot from System's Twilight
Example of an early in-game puzzle. The characters are depicted as abstract shapes.
Publisher(s) Self-published
Designer(s) Andrew Plotkin
Platform(s) Mac OS
Release date(s) October 8, 1994[1]
Genre(s) Interactive fiction
Mode(s) Single player

System's Twilight: An Abstract Fairy Tale is a graphical interactive fiction computer game created by Andrew Plotkin and released in 1994.


The game is a combination of puzzle and story, combining several different kinds of logic puzzles and word puzzles. The puzzles include variations of Set, Black Box, and Sokoban, as well as many others. The overarching story is an allegory in which the player and other characters are programs in a broken, dysfunctional computer environment.

Originally, Plotkin released System's Twilight as shareware. Since 2000, it has been re-released as binary-only freeware. It runs only on the Mac OS Classic environment, but can be run in emulation on other platforms.


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