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System Design and Management (SDM) is a graduate program leading to a Masters degree in Engineering and Management at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. SDM is MIT's first graduate-level career-compatible degree granting program, offering full-time on-campus,part-time commuter, and distance learning options. MIT created SDM to educate future technical leaders in the design and engineering of complex products and systems. Created in 1996, the program stresses leadership and management skills necessary to work successfully across organizations.

SDM, a program within the Engineering Systems Division, is jointly sponsored by the MIT Sloan School of Management and the MIT School of Engineering. It provides engineering depth and management breadth, and leads to a degree in Engineering and Management granted by the two schools. Student's enrolled in the PhD program in Engineering Systems Division often enroll in SDM program to complete their graduate courses. Over 450 students from dozens of organizations representing a wide range of industries have attended SDM. More than half of recently matriculated SDM students hold Masters or Doctoral degrees earned prior to entering the program. SDM’s expanded offerings include a one-year graduate certificate program in systems engineering taught primarily at a distance and a five-day workshop in systems engineering for organizational leaders.

The System Design and Management Program resides within MIT’s Engineering Systems Division, an interdisciplinary unit dedicated to transforming engineering education, research, and practice to address systems in all dimensions: engineering, social science and management. ESD’s graduate programs, including SDM, prepare engineers to apply systems thinking across boundaries, enabling them to provide strategic leadership in addressing the complex challenges facing the world today.

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