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Categories Cultural magazine
TV magazine
Frequency Weekly
Publisher Publications de la Vie Catholique
Total circulation
Year founded 1947; 68 years ago (1947)
Company La Vie-Le Monde
Country France
Based in Paris
Language French
Website www.telerama.fr
ISSN 0040-2699

Télérama is a weekly French cultural and TV magazine published in Paris, France. The name is a contraction of its earlier title: Télévision-Radio-Cinéma.

History and profile[edit]

Télérama was established in 1947.[1][2] Its founder was the Christian journalist Georges Montaron.[2] The magazine has been owned by La Vie-Le Monde since 2003.[2][3] It is published on a weekly basis on Wednesdays by Publications de la Vie Catholique.[2][4] The magazine has a Christianity-oriented political stance.[2]

The headquarters of Télérama is in Paris.[3] Its primary contents are television and radio listings, though the magazine also prints film, theatre, music and book reviews, as well as cover stories and feature articles of cultural interest.[2] The magazine owns a radio station.[2]

The 1990 circulation of Télérama was 515,000 copies.[5] It was one of fifty best-selling television magazines worldwide with a circulation of 664,000 copies during the period of 2001-2002.[4] Its circulation was 650,000 copies in 2007.[2] In 2010 the magazine had a circulation of 632,184 copies.[6]


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