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The Töss river in Rikon im Tösstal.
The Töss river in Rikon im Tösstal.
Origin 47°18′44″N 8°57′38″E / 47.31222°N 8.96056°E / 47.31222; 8.96056 (Töss source)
Mouth 47°33′8″N 8°33′15″E / 47.55222°N 8.55417°E / 47.55222; 8.55417 (Töss mouth)
Progression RhineNorth Sea
Length 56 km
Source elevation 800 m
Mouth elevation 457 m
River system Rhine

The Töss is a river of the Canton of Zürich. It rises in the Zürcher Oberland, flows along the Töss Valley (Tösstal) past Winterthur, and joins the Rhine at Tössegg near Teufen.[1]


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Coordinates: 47°33′6″N 8°33′14″E / 47.55167°N 8.55389°E / 47.55167; 8.55389