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The T'it'q'et First Nation also known as the T'it'k't First Nation, the Tl'itl'ikt First Nation and as the Lillooet Indian Band, is a First Nations government located in the Central Interior-Fraser Canyon region of the Canadian province of British Columbia. It is a member of the Lillooet Tribal Council (also known as the St'at'imc Nation), which is the largest grouping of band governments of the St'at'imc people (aka the Lillooet people). Other St'at'imc governments include the smaller In-SHUCK-ch Nation on the lower Lillooet River to the southwest, and the independent N'quatqua First Nation at the farther end of Anderson Lake from Seton Portage, which is the location of three of the reserve communities of the Seton Lake First Nation, another member of the Lillooet Tribal Council.

The Lillooet First Nation's offices are located at Lillooet, British Columbia. Also located in and immediately around the town of Lillooet are the Cayoose Creek First Nation and the Bridge River Indian Band, although the T'ik'q'et First Nation's reserve and community are located immediately adjacent to the main part of town. Also nearby are the Fountain First Nation, 10 miles up the Fraser River, and the Seton Lake First Nation, whose nearest reserve is only 15 miles away along Seton Lake, but is accessible to and from town only by lake, rail or a tortuous mountain and canyon road via the Bridge River. Also considered to be in "Greater Lillooet" is the Indian reserve and ranching community of Pavilion, 20 miles up the Fraser from Lillooet, which is home to the Ts'kw'aylaxw First Nation, or Pavilion Band (also spelled Ts'kw'aylacw Nation), which is also a member of the Lillooet Tribal Council.

Indian Reserves[edit]

Indian Reserves under the administration of the T'it'q'et First Nation are:[1]

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