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M.A.S.K. character
First appearance M.A.S.K. episode "The Deathstone", September 30, 1985
Voiced by Graeme McKenna
Species Robot
Gender Male
Abilities Shapeshifting
Affiliation M.A.S.K.
Alternate mode Motorized unicycle

T-Bob is a robot from the 1985 animated television series M.A.S.K.

According to the storyline, T-Bob was developed and built by Scott Trakker, son of M.A.S.K. commander Matt Trakker. (Although in the UK comic letters page, it was stated he was built by Alex Sector.) According to Fleetway comics, T-Bob was short for Thingamabob. T-Bob is a short, egg-shaped bipedal robot, capable of speech and with fully developed artificial intelligence, including a sense of humor and a subconscious.[1]

T-Bob has a male voice, and is consequently often referred to as "he" during the show.

T-Bob's technical specifications include an unreliable tracking system,[2] and the ability to convert to a motorized unicycle.


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