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For the American football player, see T. J. Johnson (American football).
Theodore Johnson
Series Power Rangers Turbo
Power Rangers in Space
Title(s) Red Turbo Ranger
Blue Space Ranger
Color(s)      Red (Turbo)
     Blue (Space)
First appearance Passing the Torch, Part 1
Last appearance Legendary Battle
Homeworld Earth
Zords Red Lightning Turbozord
Lightning Fire Tamer Rescuezord
Astro Megazord
Astro Delta Megazord
Mega V3 (Rocket Voyager)
Portrayed by Selwyn Ward

Theodore Jay Jarvis Johnson, or TJ, as he prefers to be called, is a fictional character in the Power Rangers universe, starring in the Power Rangers Turbo and Power Rangers in Space TV series. He is played by actor Selwyn Ward.

Character history[edit]

In Power Rangers Turbo[edit]

The Red Turbo Ranger: Tommy Oliver passed his powers as the Red Turbo Ranger onto TJ

While en route to the fictitious city of Angel Grove, California, TJ, who was traveling with Cassie Chan, runs to the aid of Pink Ranger Kat Hillard, who was attacked by the villain Divatox, and ends up fighting off a group Pirahnatrons with the help of Cassie. Because of his bravery and his assistance in saving others (including Tommy Oliver), Tommy picked him to lead the team as the new Red Turbo Ranger --- becoming the first ever African-American Red Ranger. The end of the series saw the destruction of two Megazords, one of which was set to self-destruct per his order in a failed attempt to destroy a foe, the loss of two vehicles, and finally the loss of the Turbo Ranger powers.

In Power Rangers in Space[edit]

T.J. as the Blue Space Ranger.

Making his way into space to pursue Divatox, he meets Andros, the Red Space Ranger from a distant planet. Although not initially receptive of their presence, Andros would later give the four remaining Turbo Power Rangers new powers that matched his own, and T.J. would become the Blue Space Ranger and second-in-command of the team, and in turn give leadership of the team to Andros. Then T.J. also became the first African-American Blue Ranger. During the course of the series T.J suffered at least two serious head injuries. The first incident was when he was attacked by Darkliptor (a being that was a merging of Ecliptor and Darkonda), which left him with temporary amnesia. The second occurred when Psycho Blue nearly killed him, placing him in the intensive care unit aboard the Astro Megaship. He would remain the Blue Space Ranger for the remainder of the series and would participate in the final battle against the alliance of villains led by Dark Specter.

In Power Rangers Lost Galaxy[edit]

He was also in the Power Rangers Lost Galaxy episodes "To the Tenth Power," arriving with Cassie, Ashley and Carlos to aid Andros and the Galaxy Power Rangers against the resurrected Psycho Rangers, and "The Power of Pink," intending to spend some down time on Terra Venture with the other Rangers. He fought next to fellow Blue Ranger Kai Chen. T.J. and the Space Rangers continued to fight alongside the Galaxy Rangers against Deviot and Psycho Pink until Kendrix's sacrifice, then returning to their duties to protect Earth.

In Power Rangers Wild Force[edit]

T.J. was most recently featured in the Power Rangers Wild Force episode Forever Red, where he, as the Red Turbo Ranger, and nine other Red Rangers defeated the remnants of the Machine Empire, the main villains of Power Rangers Zeo. It's unclear as to how he was able to use his Turbo Powers, but it's generally assumed that his powers came from Lightning Cruiser, providing him with a fully functional Turbo Morpher, similar to Justin's appearance in Power Rangers in Space. It's in this appearance that T.J.'s full name is finally revealed.

Power Rangers Super Megaforce[edit]

T. J. appeared as a returning ranger in the finale of Power Rangers Super Megaforce to help the current team finish off the Armada. He returned as the Blue Space Ranger for this appearance instead of the Red Turbo Ranger.