T. L. Hanna High School

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T.L. Hanna High School
T. L. Hanna High School shield.jpg
T.L. Hanna shield
Anderson, SC, United States
Coordinates 34°34′02″N 82°37′24″W / 34.5671°N 82.62329°W / 34.5671; -82.62329Coordinates: 34°34′02″N 82°37′24″W / 34.5671°N 82.62329°W / 34.5671; -82.62329
Type Public
Principal Sheila Hilton
Grades 9-12
Number of students Approx. 1800
School color(s) Old Gold and White
Mascot Yellow Jackets

T. L. Hanna High School is currently located at 2600 Highway 81 North, outside the city limits of Anderson, SC. It is one of two high schools in Anderson School District 5 and has a population of nearly 1,800 students. In 1989, the school was named "Palmetto's Finest" by the South Carolina Department of Education. In 2000, Hanna was named a National Blue Ribbon School by the U.S. Department of Education. In 2014, U.S. News & World Report named T.L. Hanna as the fifth best high school in South Carolina, and ranked in the top 3% of High Schools in the United States.[1]


Before T.L. Hanna High School there were Boys High School (located at what is now the Hanna-Westside Extension Campus formerly McDuffie High School) and Girls High School (located on the site of the Anderson County Museum). In 1951, Girl's High School changed its name to T.L. Hanna High School, named after its first principal,[2] Thomas Lucas Hanna. In 1961, T.L. Hanna High School moved to a new site on Marchbanks Avenue, the current site of McCants Middle School, and became co-ed in 1962.

Prior to 1971, T.L. Hanna was Anderson School District 5's all-white high school (Westside was the African-American school); in 1971, the District finally integrated nearly 20 years after the Supreme Court's 1954 ruling in Brown v. Board of Education. During the first year of integration, each grade's student government had 2 co-presidents, 2 co-vice presidents, etc., one white and one black.

In 1992, the school moved to its current location on Highway 81. In 1996, McDuffie High School closed as an independent vocational/non-college preparatory high school and became the Hanna-Westside Extension Campus, a change which increased and substantially diversified T.L. Hanna's student population (prior to 1996, many African-American students who were zoned for Hanna attended McDuffie, and the school's population made it state 3A instead of 4A.)

T.L. Hanna recently expanded by adding a freshman academy, math hall, and new auxiliary gym.

Notable alumni[edit]

James "Radio" Kennedy[edit]

"Radio" was a young black mentally challenged man who has befriended Coach Harold Jones in 1974. The two became great friends and Radial media articles (and TV) back in the mid-1990`s. Sports Illustrated first published the story to introduce him to the national ovie take place when the school was at the Marchbanks campus, though the movie was filmed for the most part in Walterboro, South Carolina. Kennedy and Former Head Coach Harold Jones also travel all around the U.S. to tell their story in local churches, schools, media, TV, radio stations, etc. A large statue of "Radio" is located on the school grounds.

MTV came to T.L. Hanna High School in September 2007 to cast for "Made", a reality-show featuring the makeovers of high school students. All T.L. Hanna Football games have been broadcast on WAIM-AM 1230 for over 40 years.