T.M. Scorzafava

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T.M. Scorzafava
Born Tina Shaw
Durham, North Carolina, U.S.

T.M. Scorzafava born Tina Shaw, is an Italian American film director. She is best known as the Director of "Gillery's Little Secret" starring Annabeth Gish, Julie Ann Emery and Allison Smith.[1]


T.M. Scorzafava is an award winning Italian-American film writer, director and producer who grew up in Holly Springs, North Carolina as an only child of a single parent family. She is currently best known for her film Gillery’s Little Secret, which received much success on the 2005-2007 international film festival circuit.

Her feature screenplay, "The Color of Secrets", is in development talks and she’s just completed a short film, “In Twilight’s Shadow” to be packaged with the feature script, based on the life and death of a female immortal.


Scorzafava was the senior director for the award winning broadcast design and branding specialist ABC-TV's Video Design Group based in Los Angeles before forming Liquid Filmworks, a film and digital creative collective in 2002. Their mission is to find and work with young up-n-coming film and television talent, both in front of and behind the camera. So far their plan has paid off for everyone involved with the success of their short films and the recent interest regarding their two feature scripts.

Stylistic Influences[edit]

Scorzafava cites her cinematic influences as Poland’s Krzysztof Kieslowski for composition and lighting, France’s Jean-Pierre Jeunet for story structure, China’s Yimou Zhang for fantastic colors and martial arts choreography, as well as Mexico’s Guillermo del Toro for cinematography, story and style.


  • In Twilight’s Shadow (2008) (writer, director & producer)
  • Into The Arms of Strangers (2007) (producer) - [1]
  • Gillery’s Little Secret (2006) (writer, director & producer) - [2]
  • Trust No One (2004) (director) - [3]
  • Dinner With Roland (2002) (director) - [4]

Awards and Accolades[edit]

In addition to winning critical acclaim for Gillery’s Little Secret, Scorzafava also won the jury award for “best women’s short film” at the North Carolina Film Festival, the audience award for “best women’s short film” on LOGO/MTV’s Click List, and the Panavision New Filmmaker Grant. Previous awards include 1 Emmy Award and 3 Emmy Nominations for her motion and broadcast design while at ABC’s Video Design Group.


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