T.P. Chandrasekharan

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T P Chandrashekaran
Founder, Revolutionary Marxist Party
Personal details
Born 23 July 1960
Onchiyam, Calicut, India.
Died 4 May 2012
Political party Revolutionary Marxist Party (Marxist)
Spouse(s) K. K. Rema
Children one Son (Abhinand)
Religion Atheist

T.P Chandrasekharan (2 July 1960 – 4 May 2012) was a local leader of a breakaway group of Communist Party of India (Marxist) in village Onchiyam in Kozhikode district in the Indian state of Kerala, who posthumously shot to national prominence after he was hacked to death on 4 May 2012. Chandrasekharan in 2009 had left the CPI(M) to form a splinter communist party called Revolutionary Marxist Party, and led his newly formed party to moderate success in local polls. Against this background his murder became a political cause celebre and CPI(M)'s Political Leaders decided and executed brutal murder of T P Chandrashekaran.[1][2][3]

Personal life[edit]

Early life[edit]