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TAC may refer to:

  • Tác, Hungary
  • Pablo Tac, a Luiseño Indian who provided a rare contemporary Native American perspective on the institutions and early history of California
  • Pham Cong Tac, the Pope of the Cao Dai Sect that battled against Ngo Dinh Diem in control of South Vietnam
  • Teen Age Camp, a camp for Jewish youths in New Jersey

In automotive

In transportation:

In military/law enforcement:

  • Demro TAC-1, a pistol calibre carbine/submachine gun
  • .408 Chey Tac, a rifle cartridge that was developed by Dr. John D. Taylor with the assistance of machinist William O. Wordman
  • CheyTac Intervention, an American bolt action sniper rifle
  • McMillan TAC-50, a military/law enforcement sniper rifle chambered in .50 BMG
  • Tactical Air Command, a former command of the United States Air Force charged with battlefield-level air combat
  • SWAT or TAC, used by some law enforcement agencies to denote special weapons and tactics (SWAT) units and operations

In technology:

  • Tetracaine, Adrenaline & Cocaine, a liquid mixture brushed on to skin or mucous membranes to create rapid surface numbing for Ear, Nose & Throat operations and in treating severe injuries in such areas and others where deading sensation on the surface is important. Generally it is 5 per cent tetracaine, 0.5 per mille (1:2000) adrenaline, and 4 or 10 per cent cocaine.
  • Group TAC, a Japanese anime and computer graphics studio located in Shibuya, Tokyo
  • TAC (software), an open source instant messaging and chat client program written by AOL
  • tac (Unix), a program that concatenates lines in reverse
  • Terminal Access Controller, a host computer that accepts terminal connections
  • Thermally Advantaged Chassis, an Intel specification for improved computer cooling when using an Intel Pentium 4, Pentium D, or Celeron D
  • Three address code, a representation of intermediate code used by compilers
  • Type Allocation Code, a portion of a mobile device's IMEI code used to identify the manufacturer and model
  • Triacetyl cellulose, a polymer, usually in film form, used in various display applications
  • Technical Assistance Center, a company's internal support group for external customers
  • TAC (building automation), a Swedish-based building automation company originally established in 1925. Owned by Schneider Electric
  • Total Accumulated Cycle, a form of life measurement that major engine components are tracked against.
  • Traffic Acquisition Cost, a critical cost of revenue for Internet search firms such as Google, Yahoo and Baidu.com.
  • Technical Assistance Center, a department within a company that's primary purpose is networking, or an ISP, also works closely with a company's Network Operations Center, or NOC (Source Wikipedia).

In other fields:

In gaming:

  • TAC-2, an Atari 2600 compatible game controller
  • The Ant Commandos, a company which produces video game console peripherals
  • TAC, an enemy from Kirby Super Star

In Music Creation:

  • TAC, a Psychedelic Trance Live-act, started in 2003 by Bugswap Aka Eli White and Sulekose Aka Mahatma Awesumo Sulek