TAP Boyz (The Arabian Posse)

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The Arabian Posse (TAP)
Founding location Chicago, Illinois, United States
Years active 1992-present[citation needed]
Territory Illinois
Ethnicity Arab American, Mostly Palestinian
Criminal activities murder, robbery, arms trafficking

The TAP Boyz (an acronym for The Arabian Posse), was a Chicago-based Palestinian American street gang or self-described "movement" formed on the corner of 63rd & Kedzie Street in 1992. Their gang colors were red and white and their symbol was a four pointed star.

It was formed in response to anti-Arab sentiment from rival gangs; the movement's goal was to protect the Arab-American community from being attacked in racially motivated assaults precipitated by the First Gulf War.[1][2] Most members were high school teenagers from south side high schools such as Hubbard, Bogan, Reavis, Oak Lawn, Andrew, Stagg, and Argo.[citation needed]Their gang colors are Red and White.[3] The gang symbol is four pointed star.[4]

Gang sets[edit]

  • AK(Arabian Knights)
  • Egyptian Cobras
  • Egyptian Cobrettes
  • Assyrian Kings
  • Almighty Assyrian Eagles


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