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TAP Maintenance & Engineering – the maintenance, repair and operations center of TAP Portugal airline – is located at Portela Airport, Lisbon, Portugal.


Created in 1945 as the embryonic maintenance department of the newborn Portuguese national airline, TAP Maintenance & Engineering is today an internationally renowned organization. Since then, more than 4500 workers have lived here an important part of their lives and here have developed their professional careers, excelling in know-how and dedication.

In March 2007, TAP Maintenance & Engineering had 1830 workers. At its main base, located at Lisbon Airport, there were 1794 workers; the remainder staffed the outstations of Francisco Sá Carneiro at Porto, Faro Airport at Faro, Madeira Airport at Funchal, Quatro de Fevereiro Airport at Luanda, Angola, Galeão International Airport at Rio de Janeiro and Salgado Filho International Airport, Porto Alegre, Brazil.

TAP Maintenance & Engineering, with its owner TAP Portugal, bought 90% of Brazilian VEM Maintenance & Engineering from Varig in November 2005. In January 2009, VEM changed its corporate name to TAP Maintenance & Engineering Brazil.

TAP M&E capabilities[edit]


TAP M&E clients[edit]

Besides TAP Portugal there are some other airlines that do or did maintenance at TAP Maintenance & Engineering, like:

TAP M&E Brazil[edit]

TAP M&E Brazil (formerly VEM Maintenance & Engineering) is a company of TAP Portugal Group that is between 10 largest aircraft and component maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) companies in the world today.[1]

TAP M&E Brazil has around 2,650 employees distributed among two large Maintenance Centers – at Rio de Janeiro-Galeão and Porto Alegre airports. It has several specialized shops and calibration laboratories. TAP M&E Brazil also provides line maintenance for narrow and wide body aircraft at 35 airports in Brazil.

Its services are certified by the main aeronautical authorities in the world: the ANAC in Brazil, FAA, in United States, EASA, in Europe and those of all countries where it has customers.

TAP M&E Brazil will be included in the proposed privatization package of TAP Portugal.[2]

TAP M&E Brazil has a capability list of more than 10,000 items, and is certified in the following aircraft:

Some of TAP M&E Brazil's main clients are:


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