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TB or Tb may refer to:

Science and medicine[edit]

Telecommunications and computing[edit]

  • Terabyte (TB), a unit of information (often measuring storage capacity)
  • Terabit (Tb), a unit of information (often measuring data transfer)
  • "Text back" in SMS language

Arts and entertainment[edit]

  • TotalBiscuit, a British gaming commentator, shoutcaster and YouTube critic
  • Tegami Bachi, a shōnen manga comic series
  • Toribash, a martial-arts video game
  • Trinity Blood, a series of Japanese illustrated novellas
  • True Blood, an American television drama about vampires on HBO
  • Turf Battles, a massively multiplayer online role-playing PC game


  • The Beatles, the English rock band, the most lauded and successful group in the history of modern music
  • The Bends, 1995 album by British rock band Radiohead
  • The Block, 2008 album by U.S. pop group New Kids on the Block
  • Roland TB-303, a bass synthesizer manufactured from 1981 to 1984


Vehicular technology[edit]

  • T.B. (Thompson Brothers), a three-wheeled cyclecar manufactured by Thompson Brothers of Bilston, England, from 1919 until 1924
  • Throttle body, part of the air intake system of an internal combustion engine
  • Nissan TB engine, a petrol engine released in 1987 as the TB42

Military craft:

  • Torpedo boat, a relatively small and fast naval vessel designed to carry torpedoes into battle
  • Boeing TB, an American torpedo bomber biplane designed by the US Navy and built by Boeing in 1927

Other uses[edit]

  • A tablespoonful (tb), a rough, culinary unit of volume
  • Taco Bell, a Tex-Mex quick service restaurant chain
  • Tampa Bay, a large natural harbor and estuary along the Gulf of Mexico on the west central coast of Florida
  • Teenybopper, a young teenager who follows adolescent trends in music, fashion and culture
  • Tiger Balm, a brand of balm
  • Treasury bill, a government bond issued by the United States Department of the Treasury
  • TrønderBilene, a Norwegian bus company