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TERMIUM Plus is the Government of Canada’s terminology and linguistic data bank.

The data bank has nearly four million general and specialized terms and offers French/English and some Spanish/Portuguese equivalents for each. It contains abbreviations, acronyms, synonyms, geographical names, official titles of organizations, titles of legislation and programs, phraseological units and examples of usage.

It also contains 14 writing and translation tools that offer advice on style and usage issues in French, English and Spanish. Each of these tools focuses on a specific type of difficulty, such as conjugations, grammar and writing standards.

TERMIUM Plus records are written by language professionals from the Translation Bureau of the Government of Canada.

In 1996, Termium on CD-ROM received the 1996 Association of Translators and Interpreters of Ontario Award.

Since October 8, 2009, TERMIUM Plus has been available online free of charge.


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