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Train Express Régional SNCF

TER Poitou-Charentes is the regional rail network serving the Poitou-Charentes région, France.



Line Route Frequency Notes
Angoulême - Bordeaux Angoulême ... Coutras ... Libourne ... Bordeaux-Saint-Jean (see TER Aquitaine line 16 for details)
Bressuire - Saumur Bressuire ... Thouars ... Saumur (see TER Pays de la Loire line 14 for details)
Limoges - Angoulême Limoges-Bénédictins ... Chabanais ... Angoulême (see TER Limousin line 3 for details)
Niort - Royan Niort ... Saint-Jean-d'Angély ... Saintes ... Royan
Poitiers - Angoulême Poitiers ... Ruffec ... Angoulême
Poitiers - Limoges Poitiers ... Montmorillon ... Limoges-Bénédictins (see TER Limousin line 2 for details)
La Rochelle - Bordeaux La Rochelle ... Rochefort ... Saintes ... Jonzac ... Montendre ... Bordeaux
La Rochelle - Poitiers La Rochelle - Surgères ... Niort ... Poitiers
La Rochelle - Rochefort La Rochelle-Porte Dauphine - La Rochelle ... Rochefort
Saintes - Angoulême Saintes ... Cognac - Jarnac ... Angoulême
Tours - Poitiers Tours ... Châtellerault ... Poitiers (see TER Centre line 30 for details)
† Not all trains call at this station


Rolling stock[edit]

X 73500 du TER Poitou-Charentes
X 73500 et son logo biocarburant

Multiple units[edit]



Irisbus Arway


Niort – Fontenay-le-Comte line[edit]

This line, closed to passenger traffic since 1969, has 25% of its route in Poitou-Charentes, the rest being situated in the Pays de la Loire.

The reopening of the line was included in the Contract for Regional and State Projects (Contrat de projets État-région) for 2006-2007 and preliminary studies have been finished. Work was scheduled to begin once the interregional budget was in place.[1] However, as of October 2014, the line has not been reopened, and TER's operations between Niort and Fontenay-le-Comte are restricted to bus travel.[2]

Thouars – Parthenay – Niort line[edit]

This line has been closed to passenger traffic since 1980.

However, it is still working and every Wednesday empty TER trains can be seen on it, originating from the BressuireThouarsSaumur line and going to Saintes for maintenance. These trains are allowed to run between 70 and 80 km/h, although certain sections of the line could easily support higher speeds.[3]

Expansion of the La Rochelle-Rochefort line[edit]

With 11 trains a day being put in place between September 2007 and 2008, the expansion of this line is meant to help curb the intensifying road traffic between the cities of La Rochelle and Rochefort.[4]

Five additional stops have been proposed:

  • Saint-Laurent de la Prée (starting September 2007)
  • Angoulins (starting September 2007)
  • La Rochelle - Porte Dauphine
  • Aytré-Plage
  • Tonnay-Charente

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