TE Rijeka

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TE Rijeka
TE Rijeka is located in Croatia
TE Rijeka
Location of TE Rijeka in Croatia
Official name Termoelektrana Rijeka
Country Croatia
Location Kostrena
Coordinates 45°17′10″N 14°31′14″E / 45.28611°N 14.52056°E / 45.28611; 14.52056Coordinates: 45°17′10″N 14°31′14″E / 45.28611°N 14.52056°E / 45.28611; 14.52056
Status Operational
Construction began 1974
Commission date 1978
Owner(s) Hrvatska elektroprivreda
Thermal power station
Primary fuel Fuel oil
Power generation
Units operational 1 X 320 MW
Make and model Ansaldo Energia
Nameplate capacity 320

The Rijeka Thermal Power Station (Croatian: Termoelektrana Rijeka, TE Rijeka, also known as TE Urinj[1]) is an oil-fired power station east of Rijeka at Kostrena, Croatia. It was built between 1974 and 1978 and it has one generation unit with capacity of 320 MW.[2][3][4][5] The height of the boiler house including its rooftop flue gas stack is 250 metres (820 ft).[2]

Turbine for the power station was supplied by Ansaldo Energia. Ansaldo Energia was also awarded engineering, procurement and construction contract. Boilers were supplied by Waagner-Biro.[2][4]

The power station is owned and operated by Hrvatska elektroprivreda.[2][4] Its annual production varies, averaging 917 GWh, but only 141 GWh in 2011.[6] It is expected to undergo decommissioning in 2020, but it is doubtful that it will remain operational until then because of its pollution problem.[1]


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