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This article is about the Italian news program. For the Schweizer TG-3 military glider, see Schweizer SGS 2-12.
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Country of origin Italy
Original language(s) Italian
No. of episodes N/A
Running time 30 mins.
Original channel Rai 3
Picture format 16:9 HDTV
Original run December 15, 1979 – present
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TG3 (TeleGiornale 3) is the brand for Italian state-owned TV channel Rai Tre's news programmes. They are shown domestically and across the Europe on Rai Tre. The newscasts are aired from Rai's Studios in Saxa Rubra, Rome, Italy, except for the 12pm edition which is broadcast from Milan The editor-in-chief of the show is Bianca Berlinguer. It was launched in 1979, and was named T3 (Telegiornale 3) from 1999-2000.

Programme format[edit]

The programme is generally presented by a single newsreader Most items will be made up of reports and are generally preceded and followed by the correspondent reporting live from the scene of the report.

Daily programme[edit]

They are also other features with TG3 brand, all on Rai Tre:

  • GT Ragazzi (devoted to a youth audiences, aired on Rai Gulp.

Criticism and controversies[edit]

The Undersecretary to Communications Paolo Romani, member of The People of Freedom, in an interview with the newspaper Il Tempo, has defined that the TG3 "is politically affiliate with the Leftists".[1]


TG3 ore 12:00[edit]

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TG3 Linea Notte[edit]

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