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The Tracking & Imaging Radar (TIRA) system serves as the central experimental facility for the development and investigation of radar techniques for the detection and reconnaissance of objects in space, and to a certain degree also of air targets. The TIRA system gains radar data at 22.5 cm (L band) and 1.8 cm (Ku band) wavelengths. It is located at the FGAN-FHR site, in Wachtberg near Bonn, Germany (50°37′00″N 7°07′47″E / 50.6166°N 7.1296°E / 50.6166; 7.1296Coordinates: 50°37′00″N 7°07′47″E / 50.6166°N 7.1296°E / 50.6166; 7.1296).

It is run by the FHR Fraunhofer-Institut für Hochfrequenzphysik und Radartechnik FHR (High Frequency Physics and Radar Techniques).

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