TM-83 mine

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The TM-83 is a Russian off-route anti-tank mine, first shown publicly in 1993. The mine consists of a large Misznay Schardin effect warhead and infra-red and seismic sensors.


The mine is positioned 5 m from the road it is intended to attack and aimed using an integrated sight. The seismic sensor detects approaching vehicles and alerts the infra-red sensor. When the vehicles reach the optimum target point the warhead is triggered. The mine can also be remote triggered from up to 100 meters away. The mine can remain operational for up to 30 days. Armour penetration is claimed to be 100–400 mm at a range of 50 meters.


  • Weight: 20.4 kg
  • Diameter: 250 mm
  • Height: 440 mm
  • Explosive content: 9.6 kg of TG-40 (60% RDX 40% TNT)

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