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TNA Television Championship

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TNA Television Championship
TNA Legends Championship 2.jpg
The title when it was known as the "TNA Legends Championship"
Date established October 23, 2008
Date retired July 3, 2014
Promotion Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA)
Other name(s)
  • TNA Legends Championship (October 2008 — October 2009)
  • TNA Global Championship (October 2009 — July 2010)

The TNA Television Championship was a professional wrestling television championship owned by the Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) promotion. It was introduced on the October 23, 2008 episode of TNA's television program TNA Impact! as the "TNA Legends Championship". It since has been known as the "TNA Global Championship" and its final name was the "TNA Television Championship". It was declared inactive by TNA Executive Director Kurt Angle on July 3, 2014.

As a professional wrestling championship, it was won via a scripted ending to a match or awarded to a wrestler because of a storyline. All title changes occurred at TNA-promoted events. There was a total of seventeen reigns among twelve wrestlers.[1] The first champion was Booker T. The final champion was Abyss, who was in his second reign.[2]


Inaugural champion Booker T, who introduced the title as the "TNA Legends Championship"

The title was introduced during a storyline that pitted young talent within the company (The TNA Front Line) against veterans of professional wrestling (The Main Event Mafia). In the weeks leading up to the unveiling of the physical belt, Booker T carried around a steel briefcase. On the October 23, 2008 episode of TNA Impact!, Booker T introduced the belt by removing it from the steel briefcase, announcing its name as the "TNA Legends Championship", and declaring himself the first champion.[3] He went on to state that the championship was his and that he would defend it when he saw fit; this meant that the championship was unsanctioned by TNA in the storyline.[4]

On March 15, 2009 at TNA's Destination X pay-per-view (PPV) event, A.J. Styles defeated Booker T to win the championship.[5] Afterwards on the March 19, 2009 episode of TNA Impact!, Styles was credited as becoming the first-ever TNA Grand Slam Champion, by winning the World Heavyweight (NWA or TNA), the World Tag Team (NWA or TNA), and the TNA X Division Championship along with the Legends Championship.[6][7] Management Director Jim Cornette then announced that the TNA Legends Championship had become an official TNA sanctioned championship thanks to Styles defeating Booker T for it legally via the contract the two had signed to make the match official (in storyline terms).[7]

On the October 29, 2009 episode of Impact!, then-champion Eric Young renamed the title the "TNA Global Championship". He went on to declare that he was not going to defend it against any American wrestlers nor on American soil.[8] However, Young's first defense was on the December 10, 2009 episode of Impact! in Orlando, Florida against Japanese female wrestler Hamada.[9] Young's second, third and fourth defenses lived up to his earlier decree, when he defended against Suicide in Glasgow, Hamada in Bournemouth, and - unsuccessfully - against Welsh wrestler Rob Terry in Cardiff, Wales at a live event on January 27, 2010.[10]

On the July 22, 2010 episode of Impact!, Terry lost the Global Championship to A.J. Styles.[11] Styles then renamed the title the "TNA Television Championship" on the episode of July 29, 2010 of Impact!.[12]

On the April 19, 2012 episode of Impact Wrestling, TNA General Manager Hulk Hogan ordered that the TNA Television Championship must be defended every week.[13] The weekly title defenses lasted until the June 21, 2012, episode of Impact Wrestling.[14]

On July 3, 2014, TNA Executive Director Kurt Angle declared the championship inactive.[15]


The inaugural champion was Booker T, who awarded the championship to himself on the October 23, 2008 episode of Impact!.[16] Abyss' second reign is the longest in the title's history at 396 days. Kevin Nash's first reign holds the record for shortest reign in the title's history at three days. A.J. Styles, Nash, Eric Young, Devon, and Abyss are all tied for record of most reigns, with two each. Styles and Young are the only champions to have held the title under all three of its names, each having been responsible in storyline for one of the name changes. The final champion was two-time title holder Abyss.[2] [17][18] Overall, there have been 17 reigns shared among 12 wrestlers, with two vacancies.


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