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Tamil Nadu Housing Board
Government of Tamil Nadu
Industry Housing, Building, Real Estate
Founded 1961
Headquarters Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Area served
Tamil Nadu, India
Website [1]

Tamil Nadu Housing Board (Tamil: தமிழ்நாடு வீட்டு வசதி வாரியம்) is an organization in Tamil Nadu, India.


TNHB was formed in 1961[1] to cope up with the increasing demand in housing sector all over the state of Tamil Nadu due to urban growth leading to migration to urban areas in search of employment opportunities. It is also the principal town planning and city & Suburb development arm of the Tamil Nadu Government. It is under the Department of Housing and Urban Development (Tamil Nadu)


TNHB has created self-sustaining townships in late 1970s and early 1980s like Anna Nagar, Besant Nagar, KK Nagar, Ashok Nagar, Tambaram, Thirumullaivoyal and Shastri Nagar. Owing to the elevation in economic activity to the south of Chennai, it has created self-sustaining township in Sholinganallur with wide roads, residential plots, apartments, school and park zones. It has also completed midsize neighborhood developments in Velachery, Mogappair and Chitlapakkam. Other promotions are also seen as small and midsized neighbourhoods in tier-II cities like Coimbatore and Madurai.

All residential township developments of TNHB have been a success due to their compliance to the development rules and their not-for-profit motive. As the land required for TNHB layouts are either owned or acquired by the government, they do not cut corners in layout developments which results in suburbs with wide roads and all amenities such as schools, parks, play ground and bus terminuses. The organization caters to all sectors of the society through their HIG, MIG and LIG offerings.


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Tamilnadu housing board[edit]

HOUSING AND URBAN DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT DEMAND No.26 HOUSING AND URBAN DEVELOPMENT POLICY NOTE 2013-2014 Thiru.R. VAITHILINGAM MINISTER HOUSING AND URBAN DEVELOPMENT © Government of Tamil Nadu 2013 CONTENTS Sl. No. Subject Page No. Introduction 1-8 1. Tamil Nadu Housing Board 9-19 2. Tamil Nadu Slum Clearance Board 20-34 3. Cooperative Housing Societies 35-40 4. House Building Advance 41-43 5. Accommodation Control 44-45 6. Commissionerate of Town and Country Planning 46-55 7. Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority 56-68 Conclusion 69 Demand No.26 Housing and Urban Development Department Policy Note 2013-14 INTRODUCTION Housing is an essential requirement for the people. Though, food, clothing and shelter are the three requisites for normal and healthy living, housing is considered to be the most indispensable for security, protection and for social standing. A s investments in housing, comparing to other investments, provide larger returns and generate employment opportunities, it also plays an important role in the economic development of the people. “Everyone should get everything. That day should come when there is no need for any need”, says the Hon’ble Chief Minister . With these high thoughts in mind the Hon’ble Chief Minister is announcing and implementing various Housing and Urban Development schemes to benefit all sections of people. 2 3 The Vision 2023 document presented by the Hon’ble Chief Minister for making Tamil Nadu to become India’s most prosperous and progressive State with no poverty, where its people enjoy all the basic services of modern society livi ng in harmonious engagement with environment and the rest of the world. It also states clearly the schemes and works to be undertaken by the Housing and Urban Development Department. • Creation of housing facilities to all, including housing for economically weaker sections at an estimate of Rs.75,000 crore. • Rehabilitation of 15 lakh families living in slum in urban areas by providing housing facilities in phased manner. • Granting planning permission without delay for infrastructure development works, to encourage investors to invest in Tamil Nadu and make Tamil Nadu as the destination for investments. The Department of Housing and Urban Development works with dedication to implement the schemes prescribed in Vision 2023, to provide developed infrastructure, to create self-sufficient urban life, to provide for investment in cities, to create socio economic goals for the growth of urban areas, to identify developing towns and villages and to make available urban infrastructure in villages. Policies and Plan of Action The population of Tamil Nadu as per 2011 Census is 7.21 crores. The urban population is 3.49 crores. It is 48.45 percent of the total population. Tamil Nadu has now become the most urbanised State with 27.16 percent rise in urban population during the past decade. To address the challenges posed by rapid urbanization, it is necessary to plan strategies fo r housing projects, rehabilitation of slum dwellers, provision of infrastructure facilities, development of urban areas, granting planning permission for land 4 5 and building developments without delay and promotion of satellite towns. Tamil Nadu has a sound urban strategy for tackling the present and future challenges. This plan of action includes, promotion of satellite towns, development of slums through various projects and to ensure planned growth through far sighted programmes in urban areas. Under Housing policy, more emphasis is given for Public Private Partnership to provide for affordable, qual ity housing to all. The Housing and Urban Development Department through its statutory bodies viz., Tamil Nadu Housing Board, Tamil Nadu Slum Clearance Board and Housing Cooperative Societies have so far constructed 18,28,665 housing units mostly for the economically weaker sections and low and middle income groups. The spatial planning, specifically town planning and development of urban areas in Tamil Nadu are carried out by the Commissionerate of Town and Country Planning and Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority. The Commissionerate of Town and Country Planning covers an area of 1,28,869 km2 and the Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority covers an area of 1,189 km2. These two regulatory bodies of Housing and Urban Development Department execute works to ensure harmonious development of the State by preparation of Master Plans and Detailed Development Plans, Land Use Information System and enforcement of plan norms and parameters. Further these two regulatory bodies also take up several initiatives to improve traffic and transportation by creating and upgrading infrastructural facilities like creation of good ro ad networks, bypass road links and ring roads. 6 7 Budget Estimate 2013-14 Abstract Sl. No Department / Agency Revenue Capital Loan Total (Rupees in Thousand (Gross)) 1. Secretariat 5,88,15–170,00,03 175,88,18 2. Commissionerate of Town and Country Planning 661,27,78 1,00,02–662,27,80 3. Cooperative Housing Societies 24,56,65–1 24,56,66 4. Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority 1 855,00,02 1 855,00,04 5. Tamil Nadu Housing Board 15,89,82 1 -- 15,89,83 6. Tamil Nadu Slum Clearance Board 124,07,94 2 -- 124,07,96 Total 831,70,35 856,00,07 170,00,05 1,857,70,47 PART - II SCHEMES 2013 - 14 Sl. No Description of the Schemes Amount allotted (Rs. in lakh) TAMIL NADU SLUM CLEARANCE BOARD COMPONENT – I 1. Purchase of 5 mini Jet roding machines for removing blockages in the sewerage system in Chennai 35.00 2. Repairs and Renewal works for 100 individual houses constructed by BMTPC and handed over to TNSCB at Nagamangalam, Tiruchirapalli 35.00 3. Flood protection wall to the tenements at Selathampatti scheme in Salem 90.00 4. Upgradation of tenements at Old Fish market Colony / Kumbakonam 73.55 5. Escalation in the construction cost of office buildings at Salem, Tiruchirapalli and Coimbatore 50.00 6. Upgradation of sewerage infrastructure to facilitate connection to Municipal underground sewerage Network at AV Pathy Nagar at Thanjavur 11.00 COMPONENT – II 7. Pavement around the blocks, R&R works to vertical sanitary lines, colour washing etc., in the tenemental schemes in Chennai 200.00 Total 494. 55 8 9 PART - II SCHEMES 2013 - 14 Sl. No. Description of the Schemes Amount allotted (Rs. in lakh) COMMISSIONERATE OF TOWN AND COUNTRY PLANNING COMPONENT – I 8. Construction of Building for Tirunelveli Regional office 100.00 Total 100.00 COOPERAT IVE HOUSING SOCIETIES COMPONENT – I 9. Purchase of 1 Computer and 1 Fax Machine for the Office of the Registrar of Cooperative Societies (Housing) 0.55 10. Purchase of 8 Computers, 3 Xerox and 3 Fax machines for the Office of the Deputy Registrar of Cooperative Societies (Housing) 2.90 Total 3.45 Grand Total 598.00 1. TAMIL NADU HOUSING BOARD The Tamil Nadu Housing Board was established in 1961 with an objective of providing “Housing for all” under Tamil Nadu Housing Board Act, 1961 to cater to the housing needs of the growing population of Chennai city and to mitigate the hardship in getting houses or house sites, owing to urbanization. Since its inception, Tamil Nadu Housing Board has completed 4,02,231 houses / flats / plots. Out of this, 1,25,741 units are for EWS, 93,914 units are for LIG and 73,641 units are for MIG categories. Present Stages of Schemes 1.1 On–Going Schemes 4,970 housing units have been completed from 2011-12. Works are under progress for 6,922 units. Works for 5,653 units will be commenced during the year 2013-14.