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Industry Hair care
Founder Godefroy Manufacturing Company, 1947
Area served
Parent Unilever

TRESemmé is a brand of haircare products first manufactured by Godefroy Manufacturing Company in St. Louis, Missouri, United States, starting in 1947. It was named after renowned hair care expert Edna Emmé.[1] The brand name is a phonetic translation of "well-loved" in French, (très-aimé). The product line was initially marketed only to salons. The TRESemmé brand was purchased by Alberto in 1968, that was subsequently taken over by Unilever in 2010.[2]


For over 60 years, TRESemmé have used their range of hair styling products to bring the salon-feel to homes all over the world.[3]

TRESemmé is dedicated to providing all women with stylist quality products. From their origins in salons, TRESemmé believe that women should be able to look "fabulous" without spending too much money. [4]


TRESemmé was launched in 1947 by Godefroy Manufacturing, and was bought in 1968 by Alberto-Culver, a leading manufacturer of hair and skincare products.The original intention was to only distribute within salons, however as the product line became so popular it was marketed in supermarkets and pharmacies.[5]

Alberto-Culver was then bought by Unilever, an Anglo–Dutch multinational consumer goods company. The product line was then further developed as more products were added. [6]

Product Range[edit]

TRESemmé believe that everyone's hair is unique, and so create different formulas for different types of hair. [7] Products include Shampoos & Conditioners, Dry Shampoos, Mousse, Gels, Hairsprays, Crème & Milk, and other styling sprays. TRESemmé products are all formulated with vitamins and plant extracts to create more manageable healthier looking hair by strengthening, repairing and enhancing hair.[8]

A tool called "PROfiler" available on the TRESemmé website allows consumers to find the right products for their hair. [9]


Advertisement campaigns include 'Professional, Affordable',[10] spending an estimated $17 million on advertising by 2004.[11] TRESemmé's products are used in hair salons across the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Asia, in particular for hair repair treatment from heat damage mostly caused by hair ironing and blowdrying.[12]

Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week[edit]

Although TRESemmé products are widely available to the consumer, the brand is also used by professionals for use on clients. TRESemmé was the official hair care sponsor of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2014 and has been since 2006. [13]

Being the official sponsor allowed the company to provide customers with all-access information to the fashion show. TRESemmé created a team called "Runway Insiders" who gave women a personal point of view of the latest trends and how they can achieve these looks at home.[14]

A member of this team was American model and DJ, Harley Viera-Newton.[15] Harley posted video diaries, filmed by online fashion website The Coveteur, which included her perfecting hair techniques to giving front row access to designers shows.[16]

An advertising scheme used by TRESemmé was to be able to create your own TRESemmé Billboard in Times Square.[17]


TRESemmé has won many awards for its range of products, including the following:

-Cosmopolitan Beauty Award 2010[18]

-Allure Best of Beauty Award 2010 [19]

-Cosmopolitan Beauty Award 2011[20]

-Elle Beauty Award 2011[20]

-Allure Readers' Choice Breakthroughs 2011[21]


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