Nikko TRM-800

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TRM-800 on a rare Realistic STA-240 receiver
Back of unit showing connections

The TRM-800 was an audio amplifier made by Nikko. It was introduced in 1975, the same year as the Marantz 2235. It was a 2 channel amp; however; it had three sets of speaker connections; those powered selected by buttons. At 8 ohms, the amp could put out 60 watts per channel. Unlike many amps of this time, however; the TRM-800 was stable at lower impedances than 8 ohms; down to four ohms. The amp has internal circuit breakers which prevent it from clipping or overheating. Its power consumption is 250 watts. For equalization it has only a bass and a treble knob; however the frequency of these are selectable; between 250 and 500 Hertz for the bass, and between 2.5 and 5 kHz for the treble. It also has a high, low, and a subsonic filter.

Large heatsinks and output transistors
10,000 microfarads