TT-400TP gunboat

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Vietnam's TT-400TP gunboat
Class overview
Name: TT-400TP class gunboat
Builders: Z-173 shipyard (Hong Ha company)
Operators:  Vietnamese People's Navy
Cost: US$1,000,000 Unarmed
In commission: 2011
General characteristics
Displacement: 378 tons (standard), 420 tons (combat load), 455 tons (full load)
Length: 54.16 metres
Beam: 9.16 metres
Speed: up to 32 knots (59 km/h; 37 mph)
Range: 2,500 miles
Endurance: 30 days
Crew: 28
Sensors and
processing systems:
  • Radar:MR-123/176 Vympel/Bass Tilt, Bass Tilt AK-630 fire-control

TT-400TP is the first class of warship designed and built by Vietnam in Z-173 shipyard (Hong Ha company, Hai Phong, Vietnam).[1][2][3][4] This class is based on the "Lan" project designed by the Ukrainian State Research and Design Shipbuilding Center.[5]


TT-400TP class ships have gun control automatic weapons on the sea with four tasks: destroying hostile amphibious ships and corvettes of the enemy and protecting the base of the amphibious fleet and fleet escort in the operation of ships in service forces and forces scan mines, protection of civilian ships at sea and tactical reconnaissance planes of the water.[6]

Vietnam People's Navy's engineers and designers in Z-173 shipyard completed TT-400TP based on preliminary drawings of a foreign country with modern technology. Through this success, Z-173 shipyard has built a complete set of technical documents for shipbuilding artillery TT-400TP.[7][8]

The task of gradually mastering the technology for ship design and engineering has significant savings for Vietnam in the national budget than buying entire design drawings. More importantly, the success of the TT-400TP gunboats have set solid foundations for the military shipbuilding industry in Vietnam.

The name "TT-400TP" is abbreviated by Vietnamese words: TT is Tuần Tra (Patrol), 400 is over 400 tons, TP is Tàu Pháo (gunboat).

The ship is installed with modern equipment such as a control system for the main and auxiliary engines, fire warning system and weapons control systems. It is expected to enhance the Vietnamese People's Navy’s strength.[3]


Operator Name Project Builder Laid Down Launched Commissioned Fleet Status
 Vietnamese People's Navy HQ-272 TT-400TP gunboat Hong Ha company (Z173 shipyard) 09.2009 09.2011 16.01.2012 2nd Regional Command, Vietnam People's Navy active
 Vietnamese People's Navy HQ-273 TT-400TP gunboat Hong Ha company (Z173 shipyard) 08.2010 03.2012 31.08.2012 2nd Regional Command, Vietnam People's Navy active[9]
 Vietnamese People's Navy HQ-274 TT-400TP gunboat Hong Ha company (Z173 shipyard) 10.2012 03.2014 28.05.2014 2nd Regional Command, Vietnam People's Navy