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Theban Tomb TT385
Burial site of Hunefer
Location Sheikh Abd el-Qurna, Theban Necropolis
O4 w Y1
nfr f
in hieroglyphs

The Theban Tomb TT385 is located in Sheikh Abd el-Qurna, part of the Theban Necropolis, on the west bank of the Nile, opposite to Luxor. It is the burial place of the Ancient Egyptian Hunefer (Haunefer) who was a Mayor of the Southern City (Thebes)[1] during the reign of Ramesses II in the Nineteenth Dynasty.[2]

Hunefer is depicted in the tom with his wife Nehty[1] (also given as Nuhet[2]). Hunefer and his wife are depicted on the pillars in the inner hall. He has a variety of titles including: Mayor of the (Southern) City, Superintendent of the Granaries of the Sacred Offerings of Amun and Superintendent of Amun.[2]

Depicted in a scene in the King's High Steward Nebsumenu's tomb (TT183), Hunefer is said to be a brother of Nebsumenu. Further titles, besides Mayor of the City, are given for Hunefer in several scenes in the hall of this tomb: High Steward and Steward in the Temple of King Djoserkare. Hunefer's wife is called Inuhey in Nebsumenu's tomb. If Hunefer is really a full brother of Nebsumenu, then he would be a son of the Mayor Paser and his wife Tuia.[2]


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