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Location(s) Upcote Farm, Withington
Years active 2007-present
Entrance to the 2008 festival
Camp site at the 2008 festival

The 2000trees festival is an award-winning independent music festival dedicated to bringing together the best new and underground British music for one weekend every July, held at Upcote Farm, Withington, near Cheltenham in Gloucestershire.[1] It offers a diverse selection of more than 80 acts on four stages, plus comedy, trader village,and the very popular outdoor headphone disco. It also won the Grass Roots Festival Award at the UK Festival Awards 2010. .[2]

2000trees was started by six friends in 2007, who grew tired of being made to pay too much at other festivals to see the bands they love. They decided to create a value for money alternative, which also raises awareness of environmental concerns.[3]

The Festival is known for its cheap weekend tickets. The festival usually hosts around 5000 people and therefore there is little mud and it is easy for people to place their tent.

The festival has performances on four stages: Tree House (main stage), The Cave (second stage), the Leaf Lounge (acoustic stage), and the Greenhouse.

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