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This article is about a news operation. For the television channel from TVB, see TVBN.
TVB reporter Joyce Fung and the station's photographers, shown covering the 2005 WTO protests in Hong Kong.

TVB News (Chinese: 無綫新聞), formally known as the News and Information Division (新聞及資訊部), is the newsgathering arm of Hong Kong's Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB). Its slogan is "TVB News Cares" (無綫新聞 事事關心).


TVB in 19 November 1967 the News Report programme, the evening News at 7:30 and Latest News (10:30pm). In 16 November 1970, added Noon News and News Headlines. In 1 November 1976, News at 7:30 early one-hour, was renamed News at 6:30. In 1 January 1968, the first Morning Talk and News programme, Report Hiu Nga Episodes, news editor Edward Ho hosts, In 19 April 1976 to 29 April 1977, was renamed Morning News Report. In 6 September 1981, was renamed Morning News bulletin Good Morning Hong Kong from Monday to Saturday. 19 November 1967 news anchor main male, the first: David Lee, Josiah Lau, Chu Wai Tak, Stephen Shiu. Until 2 January 1978, and now first anchor main female Anite Yip. In 4 January 1988 the News titles added Today's Date and changed news focus introduction. In 1 January 1980 started in Cantonese guest and computer subtitles, 3 January 1983 TVB News first News at 9:30 news programmes added subtitles, until News File 14 May 1993 broadcasting until ending, In 2 September 1996, again computer subtitles and now the first to News Report programme, until anchor Report added, In 21 September 2003 we moved to Tseung Kwan O TVB City after recorded report added subtitles, and now Present.

In 13 July 2008, TVB News programmes started in 16:9, guests, anchor clip. In 2 February 2009, TVB News programmes started in High Definition. In 30 June 2012, TVB iNews Standard Definition to High Definition, in High Definition News ticker, New News Titles.

In 27 August 2012, the first news and cellular, more News, Finance, Weather and Information.

In 15 November 2012, Weather Report first high definition subtitles, In 1 January 2013, TVB Jade, TVB HD Jade and TVB Pearl news report first high definition subtitles, TVB iNews started news report added high definition subtitles.

In 20 May 2013, TVB iNews live and rebroadcast news times, financial programmes and part of this main programmes continued in high definition.

In 14 July 2013, TVB News finished high definition, all programmes (Virtual studio, guests clip and images) until high definition.

In 1 June 2014, TVB News main news studio changed the new studio, news programmes changed the new titles, subtitles, namecard (Good Morning Hong Kong In 9 June changed the titles).

Broadcasting and Production[edit]

TVB News Time Schedule the months anchors, first news report from Monday to Friday or Saturday & Sunday don't anchors, News at 6:30, News at 7 and News at 7:30 male and female two presenters, Good Morning Hong Kong news and finance two presenters, and other programmes. Except Noon News, Monday to Friday News at 6:30 and News at 7, TVB Jade and TVB HD Jade main news with sports anchors. TVB iNews and TVBN Main News at 8 Hong Kong Stock Exchange with Finance anchors and everyday sports anchors, and other programmes. In 2 February 2009, TVB News focus changed Monday to Friday News Roundup, broadcast added special, first anchors, added focus report and first broadcasting television. Live, reporter changed head, added or anchors.


A TVB News vehicle.

TVB News is broadcast at the following time slots on the company's free-to-air channels, TVB Jade, TVB HD Jade, TVB Pearl, TVBN (TVB Payvision News channel), and TVB i-News channel.

TVB Jade/HD Jade newscasts[edit]

For the column "Channel",
"Jade": program broadcast on TVB Jade only;
"hdJ": program broadcast on TVB HD Jade only;
"Simulcast": program broadcast on both channels at the same time;
"On News Channel": program is also broadcast on TVBN and iNews.

Program Airtime Day Channel On News Channel
English Chinese Start End
Good Morning Hong Kong 香港早晨 6:30am 8:55am Mon-Sat Jade Yes
Inside the Stock Exchange 交易現場 9:00am 9:30am Hong Kong
Stock Exchange
Trading Day
Jade No
10:00am 10:10am hdJ
11:40am 11:45am Jade
11:50am 12:00pm hdJ
12:50pm 1:00pm Jade
2:45pm 2:50pm Jade
3:05pm 3:15pm hdJ
4:15pm 4:20pm Jade
News Headlines 新聞提要 10:10am (2 minutes
Mon-Fri hdJ No
11:35am Simulcast
4:40pm hdJ
8:45pm Daily Simulcast
10:45pm Sat/Sun
Noon News 午間新聞 1:00pm 1:15pm Mon-Fri Simulcast Yes
1:10pm Sat/Sun
Financial Report 財經新聞 5:50pm 5:55pm Mon-Fri Simulcast Yes
7:20pm 7:30pm hdJ
News at 6:30 六點半新聞報道 6:30pm 6:55pm Mon-Fri Jade Yes
Sat/Sun Simulcast
News at 7 七點新聞報道 7:00pm 7:20pm Mon-Fri hdJ Yes
Weather Report 天氣報告 6:55pm 7:00pm Mon-Fri Jade Yes
Sat/Sun Simulcast
11:35pm 11:40pm Mon-Fri
11:45pm 11:50pm Sat/Sun
News Roundup 晚間新聞 11:00pm 11:35pm Mon-Fri Simulcast Yes
11:30pm 11:45pm Sat Jade
11:45pm 12:00pm Sun Jade No
Today's Finance 今日財經 12:00am 12:05am Mon-Fri Jade No
Tuesday Report 星期日檔案 7:00pm 7:30pm Tuesday Jade No
News Magazine 新聞透視 7:00pm 7:30pm Thursday Jade No
Finance Magazine 財經透視 6:00pm 6:30pm Sunday Jade No
12:05am 12:35am

TVB Pearl newscasts[edit]

Program Language Airtime Day
Start End
Inside the Stock Exchange Putonghua 10:30am (30-minute duration) Hong Kong Stock
Exchange Trading Day
11:30am, 2:00pm, 3:58pm (2–3-minute duration)
Putonghua News 6:00pm 6:15pm Daily
Putonghua Financial Report 6:15pm 6:20pm Mon-Fri
Putonghua Weather Report 6:20pm 6:25pm Mon-Fri
6:15pm 6:20pm Sat/Sun
Financial Report English 6:25pm 6:35pm Mon-Fri
News at 7:30 7:30pm 7:50pm Daily
Weather Report 7:50pm 7:55pm Daily
News Headlines 9:30pm (1 to 2-minute duration) Daily
Market Place 10:30pm 10:35pm Mon-Fri
World Market Update 11:30pm 11:35pm Mon-Fri
News Roundup 11:35pm 11:50pm Mon-Thu
Varies start time between
11:30pm to 12:45am
(15-minute duration) Fri-Sun
The Pearl Report 8:00pm 8:30pm Monday
1:05am 1:35am Tuesday
12:00pm 12:25pm Saturday
Money Magazine 7:00pm 7:30pm Sunday
1:05am 1:35am


TVB News Center of Tseung Kwan O
TVB News Control Room

All newscasts on TVB Jade are in Cantonese, Putonghua Financial Report, which is in Mandarin. Good Morning Hong Kong and Putonghua Financial Report, and other business newscasts are seen on weekdays. Also, programmes have in-vision captions for the hearing impaired, as mandated by local regulations (this was originally only used on the Jade version's News File, 新聞簡報). In the past, both channels aired a 5-minute News File, giving the top headlines of the day and a preview of the News Roundup; it usually aired at various times around 9:00pm.

The starting sequence of the news features the sound of the Morse code signal for "NEWS TODAY" ( · ·-- ··· - --- -·· ·- -·--), with the pitch at about 1700 Hz.

Standalone weather reports are aired after the News at 6:30 on TVB Jade and the News at 7:30 on TVB Pearl. They are famous for Freddy (天氣先生), a cartoon figure which gives the forecast for the next day. The highly stylised and comical format is considered an institution, and is widely recognised by many Hong Kong people. (The rest of the weather forecast is read by an actual human presenter.)

After the news and/or weather is presented, Earth Live usually follows afterwards, which is produced by earthTV. However, not all newscasts on TVB Jade are not followed by that programme, but will instead return to the current programme. The only exception is Good Morning Hong Kong, which would air Earth Live first, then immediately start the morning news. Earth Live also airs a couple more times during their morning news programme.

News programmes[edit]

Investigative reports and extended news stories are often shown on three programmes: Sunday Report (星期日檔案) and News Magazine (新聞透視) on TVB Jade, and The Pearl Report (明珠檔案) on TVB Pearl. Sunday Report and The Pearl Report focus more on stories involving individuals and has a softer approach, while News Magazine focuses more on social problems in general.

News channel[edit]

Additionally, TVB's news department is also responsible for the output on the 24-hour news channel, TVBN (無綫新聞台), carried on the pay TV platform TVB Pay Vision (無綫收費電視) and iNews (互動新聞台) (Start from 11 November 2008) on HK Digital TV Broadcast (Channel 83). On June 2006, another news channel, TVBN 2 (無綫新聞2台), will also be carried on the pay TV platform TVB Pay Vision.

The transmission of iNews (互動新聞台) have been upgraded from SDTV to HDTV video format on 30 June 2012.


Due to the reporting, or lack thereof, of the 20th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989, and many other incidents where TVB ignored to report news that concerning its own interests, internet forum users have labelled TVB "CCTVB". During one live broadcast at the event of the 20th Anniversary gathering to commemorate the Tiananmen incident, a man raised a sign that reads in Chinese "無線新聞 事事旦旦", which mocks TVB, saying that they do not care. The camera shifted away quickly during the broadcast, and ever since then, camera crews have reacted to possible sign-bearers by pointing the camera away during takes. In replays of the said footage, the portion where the sign was visible was cut.

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