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IN televizija
Type Broadcast television network
Country Montenegro
Availability National
International (via
Owner Državna založba Slovenije
Key people
Dragan Marković (General-Director)
Launch date
February 11, 2002
Official website
Language Montenegrin

TV IN was a television station in Montenegro. It started working in early 2002. It is based in Podgorica. It is currently one of the most watched TV stations in Montenegro. It is owned by a Slovenian company Državna založba Slovenije.


Informative and economic programmes
  • Blink
  • Inpuls
  • Provjereno
  • Živa Istina
  • In Biznis
  • Robin Hood
Family & Fun
  • IN popodne
  • Brinbili
  • In Family
  • Check-In
  • Nije Nego
  • Gimnazijum
  • Koincidencija
  • Tombolino
  • 90 Minuta
  • Travelling
  • Art Info
  • Top Gear
  • Lazy Town